Intuitive, Abstracts of 
Light & Shadows
2021-2023, v.a. Red Zipper Tie d.b.
2015, The Poet and Judge, We First Nations, Métis and Inuit
2021, In China life is like a river
2019-2021 The Legislature has no Dome, Unity
2016, Fort McMurray, The Beast
2021-2023 They Sang Songs of Freedom
2013, 9 Afghan boys gathering firewood
2016, The Crumpling Umbrella
2017, 2019, Trouble maker the coming storm
2019, Extinction rebellion by the reflection pool
2018, Last of the Alberta Caribou
2017, Not a Bystander, She Smiles After All That...
Doug Brinkman
"Art Is Freedom"
2024, A Crow's Nest & 2 Punjabi Ladies