Photo Exhibit - #yeg Sunrise & Sunsets
A collection of pictures taken over 
the year during the crack of dawn
and the last light of day. 
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Letters of gratitutde
Killings in Ethiopia outrage 
Edmonton Oromo community
Thank you Richard Douglas Brinkman for being a voice of the people and thank you for re-storing my hope in honest journalism you are a real hero! 
- Yahiya Thomas

Hello Douglas,I viewed the video on your website. Thank you for voicing for the voiceless. 
YouTube - Killings in Ethiopia outrage Edmonton Oromo community
Omar Khadr -The Man, The Law
Thank you for uploading this video and the one of Dr. Stephen Xenakis' presentation. A lot of new details I wasn't aware of and explanations.
Omar Khadr 10 YouTube Playlist
Idle No More
You got my thumbs up, I hope you get in on the press conferences too. It's a struggle to stay informed since I'm Canadian and have to search the internet to know what's really going on in my own country. I appreciate you as a citizen-reporter more than you know, thank you
- Carol Young 
20 YouTube Playlist
New Socks, Scarfs and Underwear
Doug: I am impressed and owe a great debt to you for your professional production. 
- Gordon Smith
YouTube:Share The Warmth - NASA - Sock It To Me Brother
Active Citizenship  -  Free News Sharing
February 13, 2015 Edmontonians Muslims, Christians and Jews held a candlelight vigil in the freezing rain in front of the City Hall  to remember the the lives of   Deah, Yusor, and Razan
International Day of Happiness is celebrated around the world each year on the 20th of March. Local Edmontonians ride the LRT and shared the happiness last year  2014
Royal Canadian Artillery Band continues to delight noon hour audiences with concerts at city Hall. Upcoming concerts  March 18, April 22 and May 29 2015
 Gordon Smith and the NAIT Academic Staff Association (NASA) collect new socks, gloves, toques and scarves and deliver to Hope Mission, the Boyle McCauley Health Centre and their subsidiaries.
"Don't Hate The Media, Be The Media!" Jello Biafra

Active Citizenship - Free News Sharing is a non profit news service in the City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on Treaty 6 Territory. This free news service utilizes Social Media tools to distribute news and information publicly and is protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This news service employs Civil Information Activism as a way and means to distributing news and information safely and effectively into the public. Doug Brinkman is the publisher of this free news service. 

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, 
not on fighting the old, but on building the new." Socrates 

Civil Information Activism is taking action in a safe, non confrontational approach that never puts the public or activist at risk. It's foundation is based on respect for all people, property and the rule of law and it promotes a zero tolerance to violence and hate.   
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People Have A Voice,
They Will Be Heard!
It's Up To Us
To Listen!

We are just told what governments and corporations want us to hear, you're never going to get alternative 
views of current affairs and of history as long as the means of transmitting information is so corporately owned. 

Canadian Journalist, Author Heather Mallick Oct. 4, 2007. Q&A "Why won't the news media talk about 9/11 and world trade centre 7?" 
University of Alberta,  Mel Hurtig Lecture Series (Transcribed By Doug Brinkman) 
Edmonton 9/11 Truth conducted monthly civil actions from March 2007 to September 2013 sharing freely with Albertans thousands of free newsletters, ae911Truth leaflets and DVDs during civil actions at farmer's markets, universities, festivals and busy street corners. This included 2 petition drives to Investigate 9/11 in Canada (both read in the Parliament of Canada) and 3 Edmonton Questions 9/11 Conferences at the Stanley Milner Library theatre. Banners were displayed on busy street corners and a by-weekly poster campaign on city provided kiosks. 

When my children ask me about what I did when I saw people getting 
killed and oppressed, I do not want to tell them that I stood silently. 
Dr. Usama al- Atar, Edmonton  YouTube: Canadian community react to human rights atrocities in Bahrain 
Send all corrections and comments to Doug Brinkman or call 780.424.1538. 
Disclaimer: The Publisher of may or may not support 
the views said by others on YouTubes posted on this website.

"The measure of a man is not by the mistakes he makes in his lifetime but what 
he learns from his mistakes and the change he pursues in the moment."
Artist and Active citizen Doug Brinkman 
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מבקרים יתקבלו בברכה
خوش آمدید
 ᒥᔪᑌᐦ ᑲ ᐃᐧᓴᒥᐦᐟ ᐊᐄᐧᔭᐠ
ਸਵਾਗਤ ਹੈ
fáilte roimh
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This YouTube playlist is a collection of rallies and candlelight vigils in 2014 by Edmontonians for the missing 43 students of Mexico. 
Edmontonians gathered in solidarity in Churchill Square to rally and hear speeches on the injustices that are caused by racism and hate. 
EDMONTON December 12, 2012: Lenard Grossman speaking on the steps of the Alberta Legislature on behalf of
Edmontonians marched and gathered in solidarity on the steps of the Alberta Legislature to share stories and remember the children who died while in Government care.
Several Muslim groups in Edmonton have conducted public prayers and rallies to condemn violence and radicalization in Canada. 
The City of Edmonton, Edmonton Arts Council staged a noon hour concert featuring the popular Cuban band Septeto Santiaguero. Dancing everywhere! 
Muslim Groups in Edmonton condemn violence and say ISIS does not represent Islam
Edmontonians  rallied together for peace, end to violence in Gaza. City Hall, on the streets of Edmonton and the Alberta Legislature front steps.
The solar trike is called "Daisy the Solar Powered Tricycle" It made its way around Churchill Square September 2014 giving out free rides.  What is
Edmonton September 23 2014: Men strutted around Churchill Square in high heels to support YWCA violence prevention and recovery. They raised $106,000.  YMCA Edmonton
On the steps of the Alberta Legislature and the streets of Edmonton Albertans' and Alberta First Nation Chiefs call for inquiry into missing, murdered aboriginal women.
Edmonton March 27-30 2014: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission - Alberta National Event. "Reconciliation is about forging and maintaining respectful relationships. There are no shortcuts." -Justice Murray Sinclair.  Website Link

Canadians rally for the freedom and justice of child soldier Canadian Omar Khadr. YouTubes include Omar Kadar's lawyer Dennis Edney, Attorney Samuel Morison D.O.D. and U.S. Brigadier General (ret) Stephen Xenakis, MD. Free Omar Khadr
Edmonton February 26, 2015: City Hall noon hour today marked 100 days away from kick-off for the FIFA Women's World Cup Canada and match-up between Canada and China.   
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It's never perfect but I always try to do my best!
Doug Brinkman 

My commitment to you as a Free News Sharing service 
As an independent video journalist I have set the following policies for myself to respect and adhere to when publishing a news story while upholding the right to freedom of the press.

I delete videos by request from anyone who can give me good reason such as concern for thier personal safety. I never film during private functions unless invited and freely record news when it happens publicly. I turn off my camera at public functions during prayers, sacred ceremonies or when requested by an individual including peace and police officers not to record his or her image or comments.

Sometimes I welcome the opportunity to help freely promote non profit social causes that benefit the environment, people and our community.

News Reporting 2015 - My Commitment to a Free Press
The website will no longer be publish news stories covering public events of protests or rallies that promote self serving political interests. I will focus my camera on news stories that high-light and promote human rights, community, lifestyle and the arts.
Living downtown I took an interest in seeing this guy in a window diamond cutting. Never seeing this done before I decided to turn on my camera and ask Ralph the owner of Vandenburg some questions.
Music by Kyler Schogen Link
Idle No More is an ongoing protest movement, founded in December 2012 by four women: three First Nations women and one non-Native ally.  Wikipedia
February 14, 2015: This YouTube of "Edmonton Police Service Graduation Ceremony of Recruit Training Class No. 130" was filmed inside Edmonton City Hall yesterday will be ready to watch before 11 AM today. 
Edmonton February 19, 2015: I'm trying to create an oil painting in the same style to my 1992 painting of the "Two Aboriginal Girls sitting on a Rock" painted."  I took a single frame image from a  YouTube I published March 2014 as a reference point for painting my newest project titled "The Poet & the Judge - We First Nations, Métis and Inuit"  

The image chosen from the YouTube "Truth and Reconciliation - Alberta National Event 2014"  features First Nation's poet Elizabeth Potskin reciting her poem to the crowds outside the Shaw Conference Centre  gathered with TRC Chair Murray Sinclair listening behind her. This 22" x 28" stretched canvas I hope to have completed March 30th 2015 exactly one year after the Truth and Reconciliation Commission - Alberta National Event took place in Edmonton.
Painter - Doug Brinkman
Current Painting Project - "The Poet & the Judge - We First Nations, Métis, Inuit" 
Hockey Arena & Iron Workers
Thank you! Fantastic work - really appreciated! We will share your video. 
- (AFL) Alberta Federation of Labour. 
YouTube: Where's The Home Ice Advantage ask Iron Workers?
After a year of sketch studies inside the Art Gallery of Alberta during the celebrations of the year 1924.
A significant year in the history of art in Alberta where our gallery the AGA turned 90 August 2014. 
It was also 90 years ago this August in 1924, when members of Canada’s Group of Seven had expanded the subject matter of their paintings to include western Canada. 

August 1924 Lawren S. Harris, a founder and key spokesperson for the Group, and fellow Group member A.Y. Jackson traveled to Jasper National Park to paint. August 2014 Doug Brinkman documents his trip to Jasper National Park to paint...
Active Citizenship - Publisher's Corner
Two Aboriginal Girls sitting on a Rock" 1992
By Doug Brinkman - Oils on streached canvas. 
*$500 Value Media Package that includes, 
Video productions, Photo and Graphic Design 
Hourly Rate $50 for single services
Value Media Package 
Doug Brinkman
Killings in Ethiopia outrage Edmonton Oromo community
Edmonton May 2014: Ogaden and Oromo Communities Staged Worldwide Protest against Government Killings including in Edmonton on the steps of the Alberta Leg. 
It's Up To Us To Listen - End Family Violence - YouTube 
Keeping Edmonton News Informed Since March 2007
February 28, 2015: Inside the City Hall's farmer's market this YouTube gives a brief tour of an art exhibit while the sounds of farmer's market shoppers is heard in the background.
Edmonton, January 15, 2015 Local tradesmen protest U.S. companies supplying foreign workers saying there are plenty of tradesmen here looking for work who can fill those jobs. 
Active Citizenship - Free News Sharing
Edmonton's Extraordinary Sights, Sounds and Freedoms Featured on YouTube