2021, Misty HeART project
2017, She smiles after all that... Not a bystander to anger, violence & bullying
Art is made for people to react. Having a position means what you are doing is needed and it is creating change. In the long term, a lot of people are going to appreciate it. - Venezuelan Woman,  
Alberta Legislature Art Show & Tell, 2017.
 2021, Violet King Henry plaza (dumpster canvas)
2019, Climate Strike, environment, social & political climate extremes
2020, Wear red as we go marching, Rome is burning
2020-2021, George W. Bush & Jason Kenney
2021, Worship (dumpster canvas)
2021, Hineni ' I am here' (dumpster canvas)
1981, Ken Ku Kuo once told me that in China, people know life as a river. Going down a river you never know what lies around the next bend. Sometimes the water is like rapids, very bad time and hard at living. Sometimes it's calm, very happy to be alive, but always changing. Sometimes good times, sometimes bad times, but always changing. 
Co-worker, friend Ken from Hanoi, Vietnam. 
2019, Sideways, More Circles than Squares art project
 2021, Life is a river (dumpster canvas)
2017, 2019, Troublemaker, the coming storm
2021, The laughing planet on the backside of George W. Bush & Jason Kenney
2021-06-08, 100 yr old horse chestnut tree in full bloom, downtown Edmonton.
2019-2021, Unity 'The Gods of Gods, freedom'
AGA November 27, 2020 Sketch study by Ziwei H. of my study of The Gods of Gods, Black History Month
When I first looked at it, it reminded me of Notre Dame Cathedral burning. It also reminds me also of some of Van Gogh’s paintings. If we are burning now, like Notre Dame, we will rise better and stronger." - Marg McCuaig-Boyd, 2020

2020-2021,Trees do talk
RESET (the box)
2007 Civil Information Activism 2021
2013 Art is freedom 2021
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The Alberta Legislature
Doug Brinkman, Circles & Squares
2020 'I see buffalo' Kara, Special K. 'Be like the buffalo' Jason Kenney
Circle, Square
Red Light (Suicide)
These outsiders hoard, arrange, add, and elaborate endlessly, virtually engulfing themselves 
in a sea of objects and markings that have meaning for them. 
The Rise of Self-Taught 
Artists. Out is the new in.
Sarah Boxer,
The Atlantic