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Ottawa Shooting
Did corporate media do a good job reporting on the Ottawa shooting and will there be blow-back from the shooting against Muslim Canadians? 
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Civil Information Activism 
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A young couple enjoys the setting sun from Constable Ezio Faraone Park - Visit Doug's Sunrise Sunset - Photo Galley 
Photo Diary : November 2014
River Valley Photos by Doug Brinkman
November 1, 2014 Photo: Seed of life, hope for the future.
November 1, 2014 Photo: It's the little signs of fall that inspires us to appreciate the seasons of our life... 
stop and take notice because soon it will be winter.
November 1, 2014 Photo: Back from my walk - most of the colorful leaves are gone, but this 1st day of November seems to paint a whole new meaning of reality with promises of change in the air.
November 1, 2014 Photo: With luminous clouds hangs motionless adrift, crowning the horizons and foreground. There are still green leaves that refuse to admit that summer is already gone.
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Photo Exhibit - #yeg Sunrise & Sunsets
by Doug Brinkman. A collection of pictures
taken over the year during the crack of dawn
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Solstice Sunset from the Cambridge Lofts, #yeg, June 20, 2014
Music by Kyler Schogen 
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Civil Information Activism 
Truth Revolution . Active Citizenship . Free News Sharing . Freedom Of The Press
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2013 C.A.P.S.E.
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Killings in Ethiopia outrage Edmonton Oromo community
Featured on BBC News World - Over 7800 Views
Comment: Will Rogers once said "We can't all be heroes. Some of us have to stand on the curb and clap as they go by." Today I think of all the love, respect, applause and fanfare celebrities like Bill Cosby has earned from us over the years, we consumers of laughter, fiction and entertainment. Then one day the slats get kicked out from under us and truth becomes known. I hope justice gets real! Now will someone please turn off that applause sign.
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