Civil Information Activism is a non profit community based news service in the City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on First Nations Treaty 6 territory. It is citizen free news sharing provided to the general public by one or more activists. Civil information activism combines respect, perseverance and commitment to achieve the goal of bringing the important news and information to public awareness. It empowers citizens using social media tools to become a medium source of Information, facts or data that's sometimes over looked or ignored by corporate media. 
Civil information activism is taking part during events in a safe, non confrontational manner, never putting the public or activist at risk. It's foundation is based on RESPECT for all people, property and the rule of law. 
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News Activist Doug Brinkman is the social entrepreneur director and owner of Hawkeyi Media Inc. Doug has been publishing free news stories employing social media YouTube since March 2007. With over 500 YouTubes published Doug's YouTube Channel has earned the trust of 488 subscribers and his YouTubes have been watched across Canada and around the world totaling over 229,500 views.
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#yeg, September 23, 2014 YWCA
#yeg, September 14, 2014 Recovery Day
Kinsmen Football Field, Snow message to New York, Winter 2002 months after the 9/11 attacks. 
Photo taken from atop the high level bridge # yeg - Created by Doug Brinkman and Sarah Elliott.
We are just told what governments and corporations want us to hear, you're never going to get alternative views of current affairs and of history as long as the means of transmitting information is so corporately owned. Heather Mallick 

Canadian Journalist, Author Heather Mallick Oct. 4, 2007. Q&A "Why won't the News Media Talk About (9/11/01) World Trade Center 7?" University of Alberta,  Mel Hurtig Lecture Series (Transcribed By Doug Brinkman)  See YouTube : Canada's Corporate Media and the Truth About 9/11/01