Original Drawings, Acrylic and Oil Paintings by Doug Brinkman 
Painted Solstice Week June 2015 Alberta Legislature
Killings in Ethiopia outrage 
Edmonton Oromo community
Thank you Richard Douglas Brinkman for being 
a voice of the people and thank you for re-storing my hope in honest journalism you are a real hero! 
- Yahiya Thomas

Hello Douglas: I viewed the video on your website. Thank you for voicing for the voiceless. -Temam  
YouTube - Killings in Ethiopia outrage Edmonton Oromo community
Idle No More
You got my thumbs up, I hope you get in on the press conferences too. It's a struggle to stay informed since I'm Canadian and have to search the internet to know what's really going on in my own country. I appreciate you as a citizen-reporter more than you know, thank you- Carol Young 
Idle No More 20 YouTube Playlist
Recent Art 
New Socks, Scarfs and Underwear
Doug: I am impressed and owe a great debt to you for your professional production. - Gordon Smith 
Share The Warmth - NASA - Sock It To Me Brother
Hockey Arena & Iron Workers
Thank you! Fantastic work - really appreciated! We will share your video. - (AFL) Alberta Federation of Labour. 
YouTube: Where's The Home Ice Advantage ask Iron Workers?
Free News Sharing YouTube Channel
This Free News Service is based in Edmonton on Treaty 6 Territory and is protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This news service is part of my entrepreneurship as an artist. All Free News Sharing videos and photos from this Website may be downloaded and shared so long as my name Doug Brinkman is credited. Periodically I print newsletters and share them publicly on busy street corners and inside public squares as Civil Information Actions. My Civil Information actions are done in a safe non confrontational manner with respect for all people, property and the rule of law.  

July 20, 2015: News stories published on YouTube by me will focus mainly on lighter community news and free promotion of artists, music and the arts. News stories that are political or focuses on human rights issues are limited. I am no longer excepting requests to cover political related news stories at this time. Most political and human news stories published in past that are now archived as unlisted or privately can be accessed by request. Doug Brinkman

Corrections can be sent to my email address richardwtc@gmail.com
Disclaimer: The views expressed on my YouTubes by others do not necessarily represent my personal views as publisher. 
Children Who Died While in Government Care
What you have done is greatly appreciated. Were it not for your efforts, I believe a lot of other mainstream news would not have had the boldness to report on difficult issues. You paved the way. Thank you! - Velvet Martin
Free News Sharing YouTube Playlist
Paintings that relate to past Free News Sharing YouTubes
People Have A Voice, They Will Be Heard! 
Active Citizen - Free News Sharing YouTube Channel    Key Stats: 580 Subscribers,  Over 380,000 Lifetime views
March 30, 2015 Edmonton: I began my first 2015 civil information actions in front of the Shaw Conference Center exactly one year from when the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Alberta National Event finished and the young poet Elizabeth Potskin recited her poem with the TRC chair Justice Murray Sinclair standing next to her side outside the Shaw. VIDEO "The Poet & the Judge We First Nations Métis and Inuit" has since traveled around downtown Edmonton.

This painting "9 Afghan Boys Gathering Firewood" is a tribute to the memory of those 9 Afghan Children murdered by NATO in 2013 . Around 35 % of all civilians killed in Afghanistan were killed by NATO bombs and Bullets. In 2007 former defence minister Gordon O Connor declared in Edmonton to Canadian troops out mission in Afghanistan was a mission of 9/11 retribution. Like the USA we are now known as the aggressors around the world - no longer the peace keepers we once stood proudly for.
The Poet & the Judge We First Nations Métis and Inuit
Painted on location Jasper National Park Maligne Lake
Painted on location, south behind the Alberta Legislature.
Painted on location Jasper Townsite. May 24, 2015 , Completed by Edmonton City Hall 1 week later.
Inspired from the YouTube titled Mom got her voice today! Truth and Reconciliation Commission/Alberta National Event
Painted Solstice Week June 2015 Alberta Legislature
 1924 Maligne Lake $500 unframed  Acrylic 16 x 20 inch 
Edmonton River Valley $150 Oil & Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch 
The Poet & the Judge We First Nations Métis and Inuit $500  22 x 28 inch 
Jasper's Train Yard $300 unframed Oil & Acrylic 16 x 20 inch 
Alberta Legislature Grounds  $200 unframed Acrylic 16 x 20 inch
Water, We Have A Responsibility To Our Children 
$300 Acrylic 16 x 20 inch unframed
Sketch Studies at the Art Gallery of Alberta
Mountain above Maligne Lake # 2  $200 Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch 
Watch me paint this painting on YouTube 
Watch me paint this painting on YouTube 
Watch me paint this painting on YouTube 
Watch me paint this painting on YouTube 
Watch me paint this painting on YouTube 
Watch me paint this painting on YouTube 
Painted on location by the North Saskatchewan River
Painted on location by the North Saskatchewan River
Edmonton River Valley Bike Trail $200 Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch 
Louise McKinney Riverfront Park $200 Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch 
 Maligne Lake $300  Oil unframed 16 x 20 inch 
Larry's Bay  Maligne Lake $300 Oil unframed 16 x 20 inch 
Edmonton River Valley $200 Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch 
Millcreek Ravine $200 Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch - Open to offers
Watch me paint this painting on YouTube 
Watch me paint this painting on YouTube 
Mountain above Maligne Lake # 3  $150 Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch 
Watch me paint this painting on YouTube 
YouTube: Friends of Children in Care Candle Light Vigil -  Speaker Robert P. Lee
The message in this YouTube is so very important for Canadians to hear so please help us share this video to as many viewers as possible on behalf of the 779 children who have died in Government care over the last 10 years. We want to surpass 779 views and beyond by December 31, 2015
Solstice Week June 2015 Alberta Legislature
מבקרים יתקבלו בברכה
خوش آمدید
 ᒥᔪᑌᐦ ᑲ ᐃᐧᓴᒥᐦᐟ ᐊᐄᐧᔭᐠ
ਸਵਾਗਤ ਹੈ
fáilte roimh
Doors, Painted Solstice Week June 2015 Alberta Legislature
Lake by the Mountain $300 Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch 
Recent Free News Sharing
Welcome to Active Citizenship - Free News Sharing 
Thursday July 16, 2015 Edmonton: Miami's Afro - Cuban Funk Band PALO played on open stage downtown Edmonton at the top of the noon hour. Young children gave flowers welcoming the band to Edmonton so the band invited the kids to stay on stage to join them in dance to thier next tune.  YouTube Playlist
It was in 1924, when members of Canada’s Group of Seven had expanded their subject matter of painting to include western Canada. That year, Lawren S. Harris, a founder and key spokesperson for the Group, and fellow Group member A.Y. Jackson traveled out to Jasper National Park.​ In the early spring of 2014, 90 years later I spent my evenings sketch studying Lawren Harris and A.Y.Jackson from inside the Art Gallery of Alberta where thier works were on display. Later that year I set out with my backpack, canvas and oils in late spring and early fall to paint from the same area of Maligne Lake as my mentors did 90 years ago. 
In 2014 the AGA Art Gallery of Alberta also turned 90. See Doug's sketch studies done inside the AGA

1924 YouTube 
Nine Afghan Boys Gathering Firewood 
$1100 Acrylic and Oils  2001, 2013 and 2015 unframed
Venezuela no está sola 
Venezuela You Are Not Alone
Thank you so much for this video I'm sharing this all over my contacts in Facebook and my people in Venezuela so they can see they are not alone we know what its going on. - Gloria Rodriguez
YouTube Venezuela no está sola
Hello and welcome to my website. My name is (Doug) Richard Douglas Brinkman and I live and work from my home studio / office downtown Edmonton Alberta Canada. I'm 60 years of age originally from Scarborough Ontario where I studied commercial and graphic arts that lead me into a career of printing starting at Web Offset Publications of Pickering.  As a certified journeyman Graphic Arts Craftsman with newspaper ink in my blood I came to Alberta in 1979 to take my second printing job at the Edmonton Sun newspaper and ended my 42 year career at the Edmonton Journal when I was laid off in 2013 after the plant closed down. I work for the Journal 27 years. 

I've always enjoyed painting and drawing all my life and have been influenced by the works of the group of seven since I was teen. I also explored other arts including poetry and visual arts in video and photography. I volunteered as a painter and master painter for several Walterdale Playhouse Theatre live stage productions and was a volunteer public relations director with the same theatre under 5 artistic directors over a 10 year period. As an activist I co - founded the practice of Civil Information Activism (citizens who become the news media) and co-founded the Edmonton 9/11 Truth movement in 2007.  We accomplished with other Canadians coast to coast sending 2 petitions to Ottawa that were read out loud in the House of Commons calling for a Public Independent Investigation of the Events of 9/11. The first petition was somehow lost by the Government of Canada but the second petition was read by the Honourable MP Elizabeth May December 2014 and the Government of Canada responded January 2015. Continued... (see Blog).  

June 1, 2015 I launched my second business this year as a full time painter in the arts after I failed with Hawkeyi Media Incorporated in 2014. Never being a businessman before, I began my first company by attending a government sponsored crash course in business and created a my first business plan that proved to be  both unrealistic and costly. I cut my losses as lessons learned and started my new business as a painter focused on my life's long dream of being an artist. This website combines both my love of the arts and my free news sharing on social media YouTube as a citizen news reporter. Free News Sharing is my social entrepreneurship commitment of giving back to the community. Continued... 

I'm presently looking to find casual work this fall to help with my business expenses.

Active Citizenship - Free News Sharing
Doug Brinkman          
Artist & Active Citizen - Free News Sharing
Land is of Matter, Not of Blood -  $3000 Oil on Canvas
Bruce Cockburn - Oil on Canvas
Two Girls on a Rock - Oil on Canvas
Nick's Late Night Cafe
Solstice Week June 2015 Alberta Legislature
On location painting or displaying my paintings. Alberta Legislature grounds - Other exhibition locations include Sir Winston Churchill Square and River Valley.
On location painting or displaying my paintings. City Hall Friendship Tower. 
Painted Solstice Week June 2015 Alberta Legislature
Mountain above Maligne Lake # 1  $300 Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch 
Watch me paint this painting on YouTube 
Doors, Painted Solstice Week June 2015 Alberta Legislature
The City and the North Saskatchewan River $200 Acrylic unframed 16x20 inch
Watch me paint this painting on YouTube 
On location painting by Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park
On location along the North Saskatchewan River  
On location displaying art in front of Edmonton City Hall
Wednesday Evening Sketch Studies from 7:30 - 9 PM at the Art Gallery of Alberta. Continued  Back Page
"The measure of ourselves is not by the mistakes we make in past, but what 
we learn from those mistakes and the changes we make for a better future."
Artist and Active Citizen Doug Brinkman 
Art must take to the road and risk all for the glory of adventure" - Lawren Harris of the Group of Seven
...come up with a show that goes pop! pop! pop! - Jack Bush diary entry March 18, 1965
Sunday Morning Sunrise, Aug 2, 2015 5:30 AM - From the Low Level Bridge.