Painted On Location
Painted On Location, See YouTube
Painted On Location
Painted On Location
1924 Maligne Lake  2014 YouTube

Irene Parby Park 2015 YouTube

Jasper's Train Yard  2015 YouTube
Big Tree on the Legislature Grounds 2014 YouTube
Painted On Location
Painted On Location
Painted On Location
Painted On Location
Painted On Location
Edmonton River Valley Sidewalk 2014 
Louise McKinney Riverfront Park 2014
Maligne Lake early spring 2014 See YouTube

Larry's Bay Maligne Lake 2014 YouTube

Edmonton River Valley Trail 2014
Millcreek Ravine 2013
1924 Maligne Lake (2014): It was in 1924 when members of Canada’s Group of Seven expanded their artistic subject matter to include Western Canada. That year, Lawren S. Harris, a founder and key spokesperson for the Group, and fellow Group member A.Y. Jackson traveled to Jasper National Park.​ 90 years later, in the early spring of 2014, I spent my evenings sketch studying Lawren Harris and A.Y.Jackson inside the Art Gallery of Alberta, where thier works were on display. Later that year, in the spring and fall,  I set out with my backpack, canvas and paints to paint in the same area of Maligne Lake as they did 90 years earlier. 1924 Maligne Lake YouTube
Painted on Location
Valleyview Alberta 2015
South Shore, Nellie McClung Park 2014
Painted On Location, See YouTube
River along the Trans Canada, Northern Ontario 1978 

Painted On Location
See YouTube
Trudeau Portrait 2015 YouTube
"I adore the Rockey Mountains and this painting connected to my heart. 
It inspires me and brings me peace when I connect to it. 
Blessings, Charmaine "
Kate Hatch comments on Trudeau Portrait- 2015:
"Great job Doug, your talent shines no matter what you do. I love how you choose nice soft colour, and captured the intensity in his face. I think that says it all about Justin Trudeau. Way to go! "

Paul S. Graham comments on 1924 Maligne Lake - 2014 
"Thanks, Doug. You've lifted me out of my work focused daze and promise to propel me into shooting landscapes. Truly inspiring!"
The primary purposes behind my 2016 Fire and Rain art project is to paint and defend freedom of expression showing art freely outdoors in the streets and public squares of Edmonton while inspiring people to share their stories on YouTube and reflect upon of how the wildfires of Alberta have affected them, our communities and the woodlands. Doug Brinkman​
The 2016 "Fire and Rain" Art Project
Doug Brinkman Artist, Active Citizen - Age 61
I first expressed creativity on my parents' basement walls and inside the blank pages of my grandfather's leather-bound encyclopaedia collection. My parents put a stop to that and began to supply me with a steady stream of paper and pencils with which to draw. In high school I took courses in commercial art and printing, and learned how to develop photos and produce short video features. 

I came to Edmonton in 1980 to continue a career as a newspaper printer, first for the Edmonton Sun and finally with the Edmonton Journal. I became involved with community theatre, painting sets and volunteering as public relations director for Walterdale Playhouse Theatre. In 2007 I became a civil information activist and began publishing news stories on YouTube. Unemployed since 2013, I keep busy as an artist and continue to publish news stories freely as a commitment to others.
Newspaper pressman  YouTube
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Study of Edmonton-based artist 
Brenda Draney

Visual/Sound/Art Presentation by Doug Brinkman titled "Make Noise - Free Speech" This art project was used to defend free speech with Edmonton City Council. LINK
Sketching helps me to look closer at the world around me. It hones my creative skills and frees up my imagination. Here are studies I did at the AGA. LINK
Established March 2007 as Civil Information Activism, Citizen Free News is a free press that gives other citizens an opportunity to freely express on YouTube. LINK
Mountain above Maligne Lake #1  2015
Mountain above Maligne Lake #2 2015, YouTube

Mountain above Maligne Lake #3 2015 YouTube

House by 95 105 St NW Edmonton 2015  YouTube
Winter - February 2016

Walterdale Bridge Winter Paint Project YouTube

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Doug Brinkman
Artist, Active Citizen
The New Walterdale Bridge 2016
Canvas and Camera Focus on the Wildfires of Alberta
Prospect Point and Two Crows 
Wednesday Evening Sketch Studies, 7:30 - 9 PM, Inside the Art Gallery of Alberta. 
Current Studies 7: Professional Native Indian Artists Inc and The Group of Seven. 

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Doug's Study of Jackson Beardy, 1977 Pour Les Jeunes 
Doug's Study of Lawren Harris,  1930, Isolation Peak
Man recites poem for people of Fort McMurray
Land is of matter and not of blood 1979

Two Girls on a Rock 1993
The moutains, trees, skies and waters I see around me
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Featured YouTube from a protest on the Alberta Legislature steps November 2014
Oh Canada! No Ifs, No Buts, No Education Cuts - Alberta!
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Edmonton Remembers Rwandan Genocide, 1994  
Edmonton City Street Preacher on Whyte Avenue, Edmonton 

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Water, We Have a Responsibility to our Children 2015, Auctioned United Way AB Government LINK
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YouTube We Are Fundamentally Disconnected"  Rivery Valley Joe
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Freedom of Expression, Truth Speaks Volumes,
The Poet & Judge, We First Nations, Métis and Inuit2015 YouTube

Painted On Location
Big Tree on the Legislature Grounds 2016 YouTube
“In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins; not through strength, but through perseverance.”
And for the cruel one whose blows break the heart by which I live, thistle nor thorn do I give: For him, too, 
I have a white rose. José Julián Martí Pérez   
People have a voice, they will be heard
Hidden from sight  Painted on the Alberta Legislature grounds. June 21 - 26, 2016
170 Outdoor Art Shows, Paintings and Stories by Doug Brinkman since March 30, 2015. 
To protect the right of expression is the central part of an artist's activity 
Chinese Contemporary Artist and Activist Ai Weiwei
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June 26, 2016 Alberta Legislature grounds: Last weeks painting titled "Hidden from sight" is inspired by Victoria B.C., Turnour Island Indian Band Artist Oscar Matilpi's 1971 Kwakiutl Totem Pole located next to the bowling greens on the south west corner of the Alberta Legislature grounds.

From Oscar's Memorial Service, March 6th, 1999
Oscar lived in Itsekan, (Matilpi Village) Turnour Island, Tsaxis, Alert Bay and Victoria. He was for many years a fisherman, logger and carver. Henry Hunt Sr., Oscar's brother-in-law, taught Oscar to carve. They continued to work together at Thunderbird Park in Victoria in the 1960's. Oscar continued to carve for the rest of his life and took great pride in the work that he produced. He carved many masks, totem poles and potlatch masks. His favorite figure was the Sisiutl. Two of Oscar's works of art remain proudly displayed in the Museum in Victoria, B.C. They are a Sisiutl mask and a Sisiutl feast dish.

Today I'll return to where I painted last week on the Legislature grounds to film a 2 minute YouTube introduction to artist Oscar Matilpi and put final touches to my painting "Hidden from sight" inspired by Oscar's Totem.
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June 26, 2016 Alberta Legislature grounds: Suffrage Rally Re-enactment Women's Right to Vote in Alberta.   Citizen Free News Continued