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Civil information activism is taking part during events in a safe, non confrontational manner, never putting the public or activist at risk. It's foundation is based on RESPECT for all people, property and the rule of law. 
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خوش آمدید
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Edmonton Speaker's Corner Topic: Ottawa Shooting, Muslims and Media 
Did corporate media do a good job reporting on the Ottawa shooting and will there be blow-back from the shooting against Muslim Canadians? YouTube Link
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Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) 
We are horrified by these acts of violence
Jamile Charkie
Edmonton : Today Doug is on assignment working on bringing you 2 news stories and 1 community story all relating to the Canadian Muslim communities in Edmonton. 

Two of today's free news sharing stories are related to the recent victims of violence in Ottawa and Montreal over the past two weeks. Youtubes and Photos are expected tonight.

Friday October 31, 2014
On Assignment
They were 2 very intoxicated homeless people causing havoc during the Hare Krishna Chariot Festival yesterday where I was hired as official media. They became violent and confrontational with organizers during a staged performance by young actors putting on a play. The man was literally swinging a chair around above his head threatening to hit his wife during a stage performance put on for the community by the Hare Krishna's. 

I went over and talked to them soon after they were ushered out of the tent to see if I could calm them down. They presently live in the area of Millwoods taking refuge under blankets each night. Originally from the Sampson Cree Band of Maskwacis south of the city. I sat and listened to their stories. Donna soon asked if I could take their picture together. So I did... When I said I had to go now Donna reached for my arms and also asked for a hug. Her husband said "Go ahead, give her a hug" so I did. Donna asked as I was leaving what I was going to do with this picture? I said I'll share it with others on the internet. She was thrilled to hear that so here it is...