Painted On Location
Painted On Location
Painted On Location
Painted On Location
1924 Maligne Lake
unframed  Acrylic 16 x 20 inch  $500
Irene Parby Park
Oil & Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch  $150
Jasper's Train Yard 
Oil & Acrylic 16 x 20 inch unframed $300
Big Tree Legislature Grounds  
unframed Acrylic 16 x 20 inch $200
Mountain above Maligne Lake, Solstice #2
Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch  $150
Painted On Location
Painted On Location
Painted On Location
Painted On Location
Painted On Location
Edmonton River Valley Bike Trail
Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch  $200
Louise McKinney Riverfront Park 
Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch  $200
 Maligne Lake 
 Oil unframed 16 x 20 inch  $300
Larry's Bay  Maligne Lake 
Oil unframed 16 x 20 inch $300
Edmonton River Valley 
Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch $200
Millcreek Ravine 
Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch $200
Mountain above Maligne Lake, Solstice #3
Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch $150
1924 Maligne Lake Synopsis: It was in 1924, when members of Canada’s Group of Seven had expanded their subject matter of painting to include western Canada. That year, Lawren S. Harris, a founder and key spokesperson for the Group, and fellow Group member A.Y. Jackson traveled out to Jasper National Park.​ In the early spring of 2014, 90 years later I spent my evenings sketch studying Lawren Harris and A.Y.Jackson from inside the Art Gallery of Alberta where thier works were on display. Later that year I set out with my backpack, canvas and oils in late spring and early fall to paint from the same area of Maligne Lake as my mentors did 90 years ago. 
Water, We Have an Obligation to Our Children is a reminder that we all have an obligation to protect our planet and its clean water resources for future generations. The Poet & Judge, We First Nations, Métis and Inuit" focuses on Residential Schools in Canada and is presently being shown in my outdoor show Pop Dazzled by Everyday - Not All Treated Equal until December 22, 2015. (see below)
Doug Brinkman, Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park
"Art must take to the road and risk all for the glory of adventure" Lawren Harris of the Group of Seven
Fall and Winter 2015:  I'll be sharing my time between the river valley painting on location and outdoor exhibitions inside the Alberta Legislature grounds, by City Hall and at various public locations around downtown Edmonton and the River Valley.  
Participation: The acrylic "Community (Flower) Bed" SOLD was painted on location inside the Alberta Legislature grounds this fall. While painting I invited several guests to adding paint to the bed of flowers and leaves. It was as exciting for me to watch them paint as it was for them to participate. Some were hesitant at first, saying, "I don't want to ruin your painting." 
I said, you can't ruin a painting because if you make a mistake you can wipe it off or paint over it again. 
The 2008 Appology of empty words
Bio: Doug Brinkman is a retired Graphic Arts Craftsman (Newspaper Pressman) who is pursuing his lifelong dream of being an artist. Inspired by Canada's Group of 7 artists, Doug captures the beauty of Alberta's prairies and mountains and Edmonton's River Valley. Doug paints year-round outdoors when he's not in his downtown studio, and displays his work outdoors in public spaces such as the Alberta Legislature grounds, City Hall's Friendship Tower, and various locations within the River Valley. His website serves as an online gallery of paintings and drawings from his sketch study sessions at the (AGA) Art Gallery of Alberta, where Doug hones his creative skills every Wednesday evening by studying the art of other artists. See AGA Creative Encounters
Gallery - Art for Sale 
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1924 Maligne Lake
780.424.1538   e-mail
Doug Brinkman
Outdoor Art Show / Alberta Legislature Grounds

Available for Commissioned Work
Valleyview Alberta
 Acrylic  unframed 16x20 inch $300
Outdoor Art Exhibits by City Hall. Halloween Friendship Tower - YouTube

The winter painting the Walterdale Bridge  - YouTube

Painting on location along the river valley promenade during dragon boat races. YouTube

Set Painting, Walterdale Playhouse Community Theatre​ - YouTube
2015 Looking Back...
Painting on location Jasper National Park - Jasper's Train Yard - YouTube
Office Hours 9 -11  Monday and Tuesday
Painted On Location
Back Page - Pop Dazzled by Everyday -  Citizen Free News
AGA - Sketch Studies with Doug  Link
Painted On Location
LAST THURSDAY OF THE MONTH FREE ADMISSION (AGA) Join me each Wednesday and the last Thursday of the month, as I hone my creative skills, exploring the works of other accomplished artists. Art Gallery of Alberta from 7:30 - 9 Pm.  See Creative Encounter's Gallery for more. Back Page
Painted On Location
Sketch studies of CHRIS CRAN'S Sincerely Yours - September 12, 2015–January 3, 2016
Creative Encounters Wednesday Evening at the (AGA) Art Gallery of Alberta 
la Patrie c'est la terre, Et non le sang - Homeland is the land, and not blood -1979  Oil on Canvas - Not For Sale
Northern Ontario River 
Acrylic on canvas - Not for Sale
Two Girls on a Rock
Oil on canvas - Not for Sale
Nick's Cafe
Oil on canvas - Not for Sale
Water, we have an obligation to our children (left) was donated to Alberta Public Employees of The Alberta Treasury Board and Finance this fall to help raise funds for the United Way. This painting accompanied The Poet & Judge, We First Nations, Métis and Inuit" and travelled around our city and had their stories shared at the Alberta Legislature, the Friendship Tower next to Edmonton's City Hall, Sir Winston Churchill Square and on Edmonton street corners. 
Mountain above Maligne Lake, Solstice #1
Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch  $150
South Shore, Nellie McClung Park
Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch  $200
Painted On Location
Painted On Location
Mountain above Maligne Lake, Original
 Acrylic  unframed 16x20 inch   SOLD
Lake By The Mountain
 Acrylic  unframed 16x20 inch   SOLD
"On the front plaza of City Hall, Doug Brinkman paints humanity" 
Vinesh Pratap Global TV Reporter
My sketch study titled "Under the red umbrella" Last day of the TRC, People gathered around the Ceremony Fire in a circle next to the Friendship Tower by City Hall.
AGA - Sketch Studies  Link
Current Art Show :  Pop Dazzled by Everyday - Not All Treated Equal
Video - Pop Dazzled by Everyday - Not All Treated Equal
Pop Dazzled by Everyday - Not All Treated Equal 
My outdoor display features 3 of my original paintings (beginning from left) "Jesus saves, not all noise treated equal” next “The Poet & Judge, We First Nations, Métis and Inuit" and finally "Jack's Anxiety Attack.” My exhibition also features a loud speaker playing a young woman voice reciting her poem onto the streets of Edmonton using a bull-horn. As this outdoor installation continues until December 22, 2015 it will grow with my adding features that will include You Tubes, Photos and excerpts of conversation from the people I meet in the streets of Edmonton who stopped by to talk about the politics of the day.  
Current Art Show :  
Pop Dazzled by Everyday - Not All Treated Equal
Day 1, November 10, 2015: Sir Winston Churchill Square during my first art show, a CBC reporter asked me “what my thoughts were about the street preacher who preaches  with a loud speaker on the street corner. I said "as an artist I tune into the sounds and sights of my surroundings and create this art.  I hope my art will inspire you to answer that question.” The reporter took some pictures and recorded the poem I was playing from my loud speaker... 
November 10 to December 22, 2015 @ Unspecified Times and Locations, Downtown Edmonton. 

Video - Pop Dazzled by Everyday  -  37 YouTube Playlist Link

In a decaying society, art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay. And unless it wants to break faith with its social function, art must show the world as changeable. And help to change it. Ernst Fischer
Wednesday November 25, 2015: Today a  young aboriginal woman came by and attacked my art display, un-plugging my loud speaker and tossed it across the sidewalk. I picked up my loud speaker and saw it was not damaged so I plugged it back in and continued my show. A young Sikh man standing by who witnessed the incident told me “don’t be discouraged, you are telling the truth and for some people hearing the truth is hard.”  Others stopped by to talk about the politics of free speech and the noise in our city. Another young man stopped by and listened to the entire 7 minutes of the Elizabeth's poem and was especially drawn to my painting "Jack's Anxiety Attack.” Two ladies stopped to say they heard about me and my art display on CBC radio.  

One middle aged Somalian man who was inspired by the story behind the painting “The Poet & Judge, We First Nations, Métis and Inuit"  said he was often beaten as a child by his father and teachers for not learning the Koran fast enough. He took a drink from a brown paper bag he had in his coat and said 
“I often wanted my teachers and my father to be  dead” 
Photo/ Video: November 19, 2015: Edmonton Police park a van next to the street preachers while an officer talked with one of the Christian preachers. On the video a woman said she called the police and complained that the Christian preacher was promoting hate speech. The EPS left after about 30 minutes and the Christian street preacher continued on preaching with a loud speaker.
Thursday November 26, 2015: I completed my 9Th art show of Pop Dazzled by Everyday - Not All Treated Equal at the top of the noon hour. Today I met up with friends of the poet Elizabeth Potskin a.k.a. Tipiskâw Pîsim as shown in my painting reciting her poem with a bull-horn. Her friends recorded a video message, so I said “thankyou Elizabeth for your wonderful poem” I have not met Elizabeth since I recorded her on video reciting her poem in front of the Shaw Conference center March 30, 2014 next to the TRC Chair Judge Murray Sinclair.  Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson, one of many official witnesses during the 4 day TRC/ Alberta National Event was also there listening to Elizabeth's poem with the crowd that gathered on Jasper Avenue

The man in this photo expressed gratitute for my having the Métis people mentioned in my show - See YouTube
Several EPS stop by the Christian Street Preachers after a complaint was made they were promoting hate.   YouTube
Elizabeth Potskin recites her poem with a bull-horn on Jasper Avenue after the closing of the TRC, March 30, 2014
Photo: I set-up my display of art in front of City Hall’s Council Chambers where City Councillors will debate in the new year whether or not to ban Christians from preaching with a loud speakers on city public sidewalks. 
For several hours an intoxicated man, Charles from Kenya become a distinctive part of my 10Th outdoor art show Pop Dazzled by Everyday - Not All Treated Equal Saturday November 28, 2015.

Staged in front of Edmonton City Hall, next to the War Memorial, a man named Charles for several hours refused to move from the front of the art exhibit "Pop Dazzled by Everyday - Not All Treated Equal." Edmonton Peace Officers kept watch from a distance but did not intervene. I was naturally miffed by this, but stood my ground thinking I'll learn something from all this so I filmed Charles and his actions and decided to add that video to the visual aspect of my art installation. An Aboriginal couple commented on Charles drunken behavior and said" When are they going to stop these immigrants from coming into Canada?"

YouTube Titled: Pop Dazzled by Everyday - Not All Treated Equal - Charles. 

It was interesting for me to see Peace Officers ignoring Charles’s erratic behaviour including his attempt to pee on the war memorial in front of City Hall. It was not until several City officials, politicians followed a procession out from City Hall and gathered for a candle light vigil next to the memorial where my paintings were on display. That's when another man intervened and helped poor Charles to a washroom but he soon returned during the memorial and got into an argument with several teenagers. The kids climbed onto the statute of Sir Winston Churchill in the square and retaliated by throwing snowballs at the drunken Charles, calling him racist names. That’s around the time when Peace officers finally moved in to usher the inebriated Charles out from the square.
"Social Media / YouTube, The question is how well we use it?" - Doug Brinkman
Upcoming: This week I hope to stage 2 more “Pop Dazzled by Everyday - Not All Treated Equal." art shows, beginning with my 11Th. show Tuesday. So far 2 City of Edmonton Councillors have taken notice of my exhibit that highlights free speech on the noisy city streets of Edmonton.

Recently:  I  recently received an inspiring letter from the poet whose poem is heard on my loud speaker and is also featured in one of the 3 paintings in this show. Excerpt from Elizabeth's letter: I feel so honored and thankful to have somewhat inspired this strong work of art that you are showing. I thank Creator for this blessed day and I am so humbled as well, I hope this painting does you some good in return Richard..