#1  She smiles after all that...   
The 2017 Not a Bystander art project​
#2 VIMY - Not A Bystander
The 2017 Not A Bystander art project drew from community feedback and participation while focusing camera and canvases on the issues of anger, violence and bullying.
The 2016 Fire and Rain art project
The 2016 Fire and Rain art project was planned in 2015 following the news stories about wildfires that burned throughout Western Canada. The first painting was completed January 25th, 2016 and 23 more paintings were added through the year. Paintings were displayed and their stories shared. My art project survived 3 bans by officials on the Alberta Legislature grounds and the threat of police action by a City employee of Edmonton.
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March 30, 2015 to November 23, 2017
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Doug Brinkman
#3 Nine Afghan Boys Gathering Firewood
Freely Expressing ART on the Alberta Legislature grounds 🍁Canada 150 
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#4  Flower Power🌻
All Lives Matter 
The role of art is to inspire hope, it should be used for healing. Art Project Survey
Honorary lifetime member of UNIFOR
B.C./Alberta (Media) Local 780G
Citizen Free News 
Over 500,000 views and over 1 million minutes watched on YouTube
2007 Civil Information Activism 🍁📢2017
Flowering bushes by Prospect Point, Spring:  A Syrian man stopped by while I was painting and said 'Thank you Canada, Justin Trudeau. thank you everyone!
Gift to elder Wilson Bearhead for his wisdom and advice. 
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'The Non(Fan)Violence Jersey' was added last spring to the art collection of the 2017 'Not a Bystander' art project after the Edmonton Oilers defeated the San Jose Sharks, advancing to the next round of playoff action against the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. This purpose of this art project is to focus on anger, violence and bullying and bringing it forward into the public forum to encourage open dialog in finding positive solutions to resolving fan violence and bullying that affects Edmonton and other hockey communities across Canada. During last season's Oilers playoff run for the Stanley Cup, negative news reports of fan violence and bullying began to surface with headlines 'female Edmonton fan punched in the face for wearing San Jose jersey' Global News and 'a young San Jose Sharks fan bullied at an Edmonton Oilers game for wearing a San Jose jersey' Global News. Wayne Gretzky once said 'Hockey is a unique sport in the sense that you need each and every guy helping each other and pulling in the same direction to be successful.'  It seems that the Oilers are doing there best at trying to be successful but the Oilers fans are letting their team down from all the negative news stories showing up after the games.  So the challenge for Oilers fans is to start playing 100% like thier team by publicly condemning sport fan violence and bullying as totally unacceptable in our hometown Edmonton, Alberta, Canada the City of Champions.  One Heartbeat: Doug Brinkman
 The City of 🍁📢'Non Hockey Fan Violence & Bullying' Champions 
Gift to Soma Farin Khan of the 'Don't be a Bystander' Initiative. 
Flower arrangement by the #AbLeg Steps
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How I defended my right to freely express art in public
2015 The Poet & the Judge, We 
First Nations, Métis and Inuit
I have a White Rose to Tend In July as in January
Indian Group of Seven,
Jack Bush Sketch Studies
Fire and Rain art project
Alberta Wildfires and Rains
Listen 'Free Speech' you get 
to know what people think
'Do bears shit in the woods' The paintings begs the question "does the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms apply on the Alberta Legislature grounds? YouTube
The painting of Magie sur toile - July, 2017 #ABLeg YouTube
Resting Under a Legislature Tree YouTube
A borrowed line from Allen Gingsberg's Sunflower Sutram YouTube
Art is Freedom 🌻 Flower Power YouTube
Painting during an eclipse by the East Wing  YouTube
Flower bed by the Legislature Photo
Oiler Fans Not Bystanders to Fan Violence & Bullying
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& Social Artistry
Not a Bystander art project
Non ( Sport Fan) Violence 
Doug Brinkman
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'We don't want to talk about that, you just blew our bubble' Oilers Fan response to survey question on hockey fan violence and bullying 
End Hockey Fan Violence & Bullying that McJesusJinx!
'A great credit to you & your professionalism.Your work affirms our values.' 
Dr. Stephen Nicholas Xenakis, American psychiatrist and military officer
YouTube Playlist: Omar Khadr, The Man, The Law 
Judge me... and you'll be 
judged! - The Painter
The 2018 Status v Motion
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Artist Blog
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Ten Years of Civil 
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Alberta Air Quality 
Worse than Beijing and New Delhi 

August 26, 2015: Alberta Health Services has issued air quality advisories for areas from the U.S. border north to the Edmonton region because of smoke from wildfires in Washington state. The agency warns even healthy people may experience irritated eyes and throat and possibly shortness of breath. AHS says people with respiratory conditions may notice a worsening of symptoms and that children and the elderly are at higher risk of smoke-related illness. An air quality official says the smoke in the Calgary area is worse than cities with serious pollution problems such as Beijing and New Delhi. 
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Edmonton filmmaker Georgina Lightning gave me the green light go to re-publish this news story I published on the topic of Prime Minister Harper's apology to residential school survivors. I first met Georgina March 2014 inside the Art Gallery of Alberta when she gave me a front row seat to her film 'Older Than America.' As a citizen news activist of 10 years I covered Idle No More rallies, murdered and missing vigils and The Truth and Reconciliation - Alberta National Event.
November 21, 2017: Today''s AGA 20 minute sketch study is of Beau Dick;s Kolus - Baby Thunderbird. I'm back indoors the Art Gallery of Alberta honing my skills and building my confidence...

On February 10, 2013, Dick performed a First Nations copper-cutting ceremony on the steps of the BC Legislature in Victoria in conjunction with a variety of activists, including local members of Idle No More. Having embarked on a 10-day, 500 km walk from Alert Bay to Victoria, the gesture was intended to bring attention to the abuse of Native treaties by the federal government, as well as highlight the negative repercussions of commercial fish farms on Vancouver Island. Wikipedia

"The copper is a symbol of justice, truth and balance, and to break one is a threat, a challenge and can be an insult. If you break copper on someone and shame them, there should be an apology.” — Beau Dick

See more of my sketch studies of the The Indian Group of Seven: 
Blame that on Rachel Notley too - Ezra Levant 📢🍁compiled by Citizen Free News. Over 90 minutes of interviews with The Rebel Media Ezra Levant during Emergency town-hall meetings and protests staged by Ezra in front of the Alberta Legislature. YouTube: Blame that on Rachel Notley too - Ezra Levant