"Freedom is important, especially today"-B.K., "True North Strong and FREE, a line straight from our anthem"- E.K., "Escape is freedom from judgmental civilians who should mind their own business - and help those /encourage them who try to get a happy lifestyle..." -A.C.R.L.W.-B, "Freedom is Honesty, Being Honest is Love"-C, "Free The Art"-W.C., "Freedom is our right. In any form, express it with art. If art was a crime Leonardo would have been doing the time"-E.B., "Sovereignty is Freedom"- Dene Warrior, "Edmonton Ward 7 candidate"-S.P., "Let's make Edmonton the City of Art and Imagination"-D, Art is Expression, Freedom is Art"-V, "Keep Fighting to Speak your Piece"-N.R., "Freedom is my right as a human being..." - C.A., "Freedom, Art and Honesty"-M.M., "If freedom is the child, then understanding is the mother and determination is the father"- R.K.A., "Art is a way to express ourselves as an artist, and its not something that others can simply take it away from us"- Kevan Lyons "Poet of Churchill Square." "Art is Freedom"- Love A.L., "自由" S.L., "Fight the power, art is freedom" - K.C., "Art is freedom"- A.A., "Freedom, art and honesty"- M.M., "Freedom is a Right" - M.O.S., "Freedom for All Canadians"- G.W. Edmonton Ward 10 candidate, "The choice is ours", "To be who we want to be"-J.U., "Freedom seems almost unachievable", "Live your life how you want to, with love in your heart" -J, "We stand together" - V, 
The Poet, the Judge, We First Nations, Métis & Inuit, March 30 2015. YouTube
1924-2014 art project: Lawren Harris and A.Y. Jackson traveled from Ontario to Alberta, Jasper to paint. 1924 marked the opening of the (AGA) Art Gallery of Alberta. I spent a lot of time inside the AGA drawing, honing my creative skills, and rebuilding my confidence to paint again.​ YouTube 
2019 More Circles than Squares art collection blog
'Sideways' Yellow, Red, Black & White
Truth & Reconciliation, Free to Express & Listen, 2015
2017 Status versus Motion art project
'Last of the Alberta Caribou'
Fire and Rain art collection, 2016 blog
Fort McMurray,The Beast
Not a Bystander art collection, 2017 blog
'She smiles after all that...'
Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta, 2014
August 10, 2013, Outside the gates of the Edmonton Folk Fest, painting a rocket launcher over the folk singer's ukulele.  Art Shows & Tell: 2017 NDP Alberta Legislature, 2019 UCP caucus photo, 2020 Alberta Legislature grounds. 'Bruce Cockburn' Original 2000-2001
Urban art renewal on dilapidated Edmonton city kiosks. Posters
'9 Afghan boys gathering firewood 2013' art show & tell
2020 Freedom to Express & Listen art project blog
'I am, Oromia' The murder of an artist
2018 Status versus Motion art project. Following the Caribou range planning, The Alberta government is developing a plan to stabilize the province's woodland caribou population.
Up to snow good, snow Angel HeARTS YouTube Playlist
Back Stage Theater continued... 
Print Machine 
mock-ups by Becky
Winter    Toques of Alberta
Is the Alberta Legislature an honourable place?
Alberta Legislature '1913, Four Indian heads' TSBS&W t-shirt 
2019 More Circles than Squares art project. An art study of the Alberta Government and the protests outside relating to the environment, social and political climate extremes.  
2017 Not a Bystander art project. Creating art that responds to anger, violence and bullying. Following 2 days of surveys it was determined to respond with this art project using positive images that promote hope and healing. Vimy, not a bystander and NHL hockey fan violence.
2016 Fire & Rain art project. Focused my camera and canvases on the wildfires & floods in Alberta. It challenged me to defend my own personal right to freedom of expression, free speech & free press, producing 24 paintings and showing that art in 160 public art shows.
'paint positive images, 
use your art to inspire 
hope and healing...' 

2017 Not a bystander 
art project survey
Doug Brinkman
2007 Civil Information Activism 2020 Back Page...
Civil Information Activism Respects all People, Property and the Rule of Law
9 11   19 21 Gallery
2021 Misty HeART project
Current art project, On guard for thee, 2016, 2020 'Pass it on...'
Chicago Ends Edmonton's Playoff Hopes