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Edmonton October 18, 2014: I truly appreciate my position on the connection between "9/11 and Israel" is now published in an article written by Alberta's renowned Professor Anthony Hall of Lethbridge University Globalization Studies department.

The Professor writes "Doug Brinkman, who created the forum at the Edmonton public library where I shared a public podium with Kevin Barrett in 2008, has been incessant in chastising those of us who connect 9/11 to Israel." 
VETERANS TODAY :  Gareth Porter and 911 Truth in Tehran

Regardless of the Five Dancing Israelis and Larry Silverstein who was alleged to have made a killing out of insurance payouts, I'll respectfully re-affirm my position by saying there is no smoking gun evidence outside of the hearsay and circumstantial evidence that proves Israel without a shadow of doubt were behind the attacks on 9.11. 2001. 

Academics like Professor Hall, Press TVs Joshua Blakeney and Dr. Barrett are truly some of the greatest challenging minds trying to solidify the events of 9/11 together with Israel but without the same kind of smoking gun evidence of controlled demolition that thousands of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth were able to provide to the world. They have not accomplished that same feat as of yet. 

One more point I would like to add is that Professor Hall never mentioned anything connecting Israel to the 9/11 attacks during his presentations on the stage of the library theatre or on his guest radio appearance on CHED radio. The 2008, Edmonton Questions 9/11 Conference on YouTube: The Lies and Crimes of 911, A Canadian View of the War on Terror's Origins, by Professor Anthony J Hall. (Filmed By Paula Kirman)

Viewers who watched 
The Lies and Crimes of 911, A Canadian View of the War on Terror's Origins, by Professor Anthony J Hall

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Olympic Hockey Fans respond to AFR & Jack Blood Scaremongering
One example how advertising driven alternative news media who used sensationalized 
scare-mongering tactics helped destroy the integrity of the 9/11 truth movement.

The Petition For A Public Canadian 9/11 Investigation
Recorded after the the third "Edmonton Questions 9/11" event with Dr. Niels Harrit of Copenhagen.
February 2011 - Professor Hall was one of the first signatories to a petition of 900 plus signatures collected by Doug Brinkman alone through the universities and farmer's markets of Edmonton
Doug did this feat by using his proven and advocated Civil Information tool of modern activism.

That petition's integrity was later destroyed when the politically motivated "We Are Change" Ottawa used those petitioned signatures as political attack against the official opposition government's MP
Foreign Affairs critic Paul Dewar of the NDP.
All Photos, Art and Video 
produced freely by News
Activist Doug Brinkman

Idle No More
You got my thumbs up, I hope you get in on the press conferences too. It's a struggle to stay informed since I'm Canadian and have to search the internet to know what's really going on in my own country. I appreciate you as a citizen-reporter more than you know, thank you". Carol Young
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Omar Khadr The Man The Law
Thank you for uploading this video and the one of Dr. Stephen Xenakis' presentation. A lot of new details I wasn't aware of and explanations..

I think I already knew quite a bit more than the average person who relies only on the inadequate coverage provided by our mainstream media (which has been really poor) and still found both presentations/videos extremely informative. It's quite sad that the average person who relies only on the mainstream media really has no clue just how outrageous, criminal and morally disgusting the Canadian government, the American military and government's (2 administrations) treatment of Omar Khadr has been for more than a decade and the unbelievable injustice he's suffered. The fact that he has been so demonized and dehumanized and continues to be allows all the cowards responsible to avoid being held accountable. I wish there was more average people of conscience like me could do that would actually make a difference for Omar. Hopefully he will be able to get his life and freedom back soon and is given a chance to heal from what must have been and continues to be such a nightmare. And I really do hope the day comes when he receives some kind of apology, recognition and compensation and that those responsible for abandonning him (Canadian government) and those responsible for inflicting all of these things on him. are held responsible publicly. The whole thing is just unbelievable and so horrifying. Omar Khadr is a strong man, I don't think there are too many 15 year olds who would have come out alive after all of this...after over a decade of such a nightmare. I don't think I would have -M

Omar Khadr 10 YouTube Playlist
#Killings in Ethiopia outrage Edmonton Oromo community

"Thank you Richard Douglas Brinkman for being a voice of the people and thank you for re-storing my hope in honest journalism you are a real hero!" Yahiya Thomas

Hello Douglas,I viewed the video on your website. Thank you for voicing for the voiceless. Temam 

YouTube : #Killings in Ethiopia outrage Edmonton Oromo community

1924, Inspired By Lawren Harris and A.Y.Jackson, 2014 : Thanks, Doug. You've lifted me out of my work focused daze and promise to propel me into shooting landscapes. Truly inspiring! Paul S. Graham
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Civil information activism is taking part during events in a safe, non confrontational manner, never putting the public or activist at risk. It's foundation is based on RESPECT for all people, property and the rule of law. 
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News Activist Doug Brinkman is the social entrepreneur director and owner of Hawkeyi Media Inc. Doug has been publishing free news stories employing social media YouTube since March 2007. With over 500 YouTubes published Doug's YouTube Channel has earned the trust of 488 subscribers and his YouTubes have been watched across Canada and around the world totaling over 229,500 views. 
"This is my story" Henry Basil
Henry Basil shared his story of surviving the residential school system inside the Shaw Conference Centre during The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada's Alberta National Event. YouTube:

Henry was uncertain if he would find a spot on stage to share his story in front of witnesses with so many people applying through the registry to speak so I offered to film his story early morning March 29, 2014. We filmed with permission by the TRC inside a private area of the Shaw Conference Centre. The TRC provided a young psychologist councilor to monitor the interview.  

With over 300 views Henry shares this video with other survivors during his lectures at the University of Alberta. YouTube produced by Doug Brinkman,  Civil Information Activism

Photo/ Art: Wonderment" by Doug Brinkman
Hawkeyi Active: A Civil Information Company
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Edmonton October 15, 2014: Two opposing groups rallied and marched at City Hall at the top of the noon hour today with the focus on euthanasia in Canada. 
Photo Center blue signs and orange scarfs . Left and right side in photo with white signs 
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A young couple enjoys the setting sun from Constable Ezio Faraone Park

We are just told what governments and corporations want us to hear, you're never 
going to get alternative views of current affairs and of history as long as the means 
of transmitting information is so corporately owned. Heather Mallick 

Canadian Journalist, Author Heather Mallick Oct. 4, 2007. Q&A "Why won't the News Media Talk About (9/11/01) World Trade Center 7?" 
University of Alberta,  Mel Hurtig Lecture Series (Transcribed By Doug Brinkman)  See YouTube : Canada's Corporate Media and the Truth About 9/11/01
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