Letters of gratitutde
Killings in Ethiopia outrage 
Edmonton Oromo community
Thank you Richard Douglas Brinkman for being a voice of the people and thank you for re-storing my hope in honest journalism you are a real hero! 
- Yahiya Thomas

Hello Douglas,I viewed the video on your website. Thank you for voicing for the voiceless. 
YouTube - Killings in Ethiopia outrage Edmonton Oromo community
Omar Khadr -The Man, The Law
Thank you for uploading this video and the one of Dr. Stephen Xenakis' presentation. A lot of new details I wasn't aware of and explanations.
Omar Khadr 10 YouTube Playlist
Idle No More
You got my thumbs up, I hope you get in on the press conferences too. It's a struggle to stay informed since I'm Canadian and have to search the internet to know what's really going on in my own country. I appreciate you as a citizen-reporter more than you know, thank you
- Carol Young 
20 YouTube Playlist
New Socks, Scarfs and Underwear
Doug: I am impressed and owe a great debt to you for your professional production. 
- Gordon Smith Share The Warmth - NASA - Sock It To Me Brother
Active Citizenship  -  Free News Sharing
Active Citizenship - Free News Sharing is a nonprofit news service in the City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This free news service utilizes social media tools like YouTube, Facebook, and blogs. This citizen news service employs Civil Information actions as a way and means to distributing news and information safely and effectively into the public. Civil Information employs one-on-one interactions and street corner actions to distribute news and information publicly. It is citizens who become the news media, embracing and practising our basic rights and freedom of the press, as prescribed and protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Civil Information is taking action in a safe, non- confrontational approach that never puts the public or active citizen at risk. Its foundation is based on respect for all people, property, and the rule of law. It promotes zero tolerance of violence and hate.
People Have A Voice,
They Will Be Heard!
It's Up To 
Us To Listen!
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"The measure of a man is not by the mistakes he makes in his lifetime but what 
he learns from his mistakes and the changes he pursues that moment."

Artist and Active Citizen Doug Brinkman 
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This news service will publish news stories relating to human rights, community, lifestyle and the arts. It is part of my personal social entrepreneurship as an artist by providing free news for the benefit of others in my community. 
Hockey Arena & Iron Workers
Thank you! Fantastic work - really appreciated! We will share your video. 
- (AFL) Alberta Federation of Labour. 
YouTube: Where's The Home Ice Advantage ask Iron Workers?
Citizen Free News Continued... YouTube Channel
Extraordinary Sights, Sounds and Freedoms Around #yeg featured on YouTube
Art: Raising Awareness in Public Squares 
Paintings Publicly Displayed Continued
More Video Visual Art By Doug Brinkman
YouTube Playlist Link
Inspired by Lawren Harris and A.Y. Jackson 
By Doug Brinkman - YouTube

Jasper August 2014: It was 90 years ago this August in 1924, when members of Canada’s Group of Seven had expanded the subject matter of their paintings to include western Canada. That year, Lawren S.Harris, a founder and key spokesperson for the Group, and fellow Group member A.Y. Jackson travelled out to Jasper National Park from Ontario to paint... 

The Walterdale Bridge Project 
"You can put Lipstick on a Pig, but it's still a Pig"- Bryan Anderson
by Doug Brinkman - YouTube 
Edmonton January 27, 2015 9 AM: On location setting up to paint "The Walterdale Bridge Project" To the left the sign says No Trespassing, Sidewalk Closed with fences surrounding the construction site of the new Walterdale bridge. From center to right the still in use iconic Walterdale bridge. I painted from the vantage point of the burial grounds of First Nations and European settlers. 
Video Gallery

Doug's Photo Gallery 
Includes Sunrise & Sunsets
A collection of pictures taken over 
the year during the crack of dawn
and the last light of day. 
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Active Citizenship - Free News Sharing
In a decaying society, art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay. 
And unless it wants to break faith with its social function, art must show 
the world as changeable. And help to change it. Ernst Fischer
March 4, 2015 Toronto: Live broadcast from Russia on CBC.CA
Snowden Archive: https://cjfe.org/snowden
Paintings for sale or by commission  780-424-1538 Mondays & Tuesdays 9 -11 AM 
YouTubes includes: Omar Khadr's lawyers Dennis Edney, Nathan Whitling.
U.S. Attorney Sam Morrison and U.S. Brigadier General (ret) Stephen Xenakis, MD.
The Campaign for JUSTICE for Omar Khadr - Facebook​
מבקרים יתקבלו בברכה
خوش آمدید
 ᒥᔪᑌᐦ ᑲ ᐃᐧᓴᒥᐦᐟ ᐊᐄᐧᔭᐠ
ਸਵਾਗਤ ਹੈ
fáilte roimh
Doug Brinkman: Available for Hire or Contract Work 

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Other services include limited Video Producing, Photo and Graphic design at $50 per hour. 
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Original Drawings, Acrylic and Oil Paintings by Doug Brinkman for Sale or Commission 
Milestones Gallery 
Upcoming Sketch & Painting Projects 
Getting caught up on some spring cleaning by finishing off some unfinished art work. So why not do this outdoors in the river valley or inside Churchill Square during those beautiful spring days we've been getting in Edmonton. I'll continue my sketch studies each Wednesday evening from 7:30- 9 PM inside the Art Gallery of Alberta and if I can I'll try to slip away into the mountains for some more on-location painting. During the year I'll continue to show my working paintings in public squares during civil information actions. In May I will be painting the set "From Cradle to Stage" at Walterdale Theatre.
The Niven Brothers Garret & Elliot of Stone Iris - Sir W. Churchill Square
March 17, 2015 Edmonton: The Niven Brothers Garret & Elliot of the band Stone Iris performing inside Sir Winston Churchill Square. 
Visual Art Feature - Mesmerizing, Meditative, sometimes Negative and Thought Provoking 
YouTube videos produced by Doug Brinkman 

Artist, Active Citizen Doug Brinkman - Free News Sharing Introduction
People Have A Voice, They Will Be Heard!    Established March 2007
How this FREE NEWS SHARING began - Edmonton 9/11 Truth 2007-2013
Our 9/11 Civil information actions began with the formation of Edmonton 9/11 Truth March 2007 with over 30 activists committed to relentlessly sharing with Edmontonians 9/11 news and information while pursuing 2 petition drives inside our libraries, during festivals, rallies, markets and busy street corners. Our goal was to educate and inform the general public to the unanswered questions relating to the 9/11 attacks prompting 2 petition drives to be later read in the House of Commons demanding a made in Canada investigation of 9/11. Today 1 in 3 Canadians doubt the official 9/11 story because of the 9/11 truth groups like ours relentless push for truth and justice. Edmonton 9/11 Truth Archive Blog

Active Citizenship -  Free News Sharing 
Anti Violence Campaign - YouTube
Active Citizenship -  Free News Sharing Clasic Logos - YouTube
Open Public Arts - YouTube Playlist
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Crisis in Yemen : A Canadian Needs Your Help 

April 9, 2015 : Edmonton - Dear Family and Friends, I need your help. My daughter is living in Yemen right in Sanaa where the bombings have been taking place for over 7 days now. She is there with my two grandsons, age 4 and 2. She was planning to return to attend my niece's marriage in May but then, the airport in Sanaa was hit and there are no flights out.

It has been brought to my attention that nations such as Pakistan, Somali, China, and India have gone to Yemen to evacuate their citizens. Then, I heard that even Cambodia has sent in an evacuation for 8 of their citizens. China went back to help evacuate other citizens that are Chinese but not their own citizens. 

"My question is why is Canada not helping our 
Canadians who are caught in a war zone?" 

I am pleading urgency to get the Canadian government to help our Canadians out of harms way. Of course, I have a huge vested interest. My daughter, two grandsons are there. Today, I learned that my daughter is in her 5th week with a third child.

My daughter wrote that she can see " the sky is filled with silver bullets that explode like popping sounds". Today, the explosion was so loud that even their curtains in their house moved. How long can we just sit and be only spectators?

If you can help even by writing to your local MLAs and maybe, just maybe, you might be saving our Canadians in this war zone area. I love my daughter, my 2 grandsons, and the child to come. Please help bring them back to Canada safely. My heart is filled with so much pain. I lost my husband in 2009. I don't want to lose my daughter and grandchildren, too. Can you please do something to help me?

Thank you. Phyllis Seng / Vancouver  
April 28, 2015 National Day of Mourning / Jour de Deuil National 
Photo by Doug Brinkman - Downtown Edmonton's #kellyramseytower  Construction site 
YouTube Comment: My Dad died at work when he was 43. We owned our house, aid our bills, ate well, and enjoyed our lives. I was 9 when he died suddenly at work. Started work at fifteen, run over by train on the job that left me brain injured and crippled for life when I was 24. Nothing but pain, poverty, and stress for more then 32 years now. Workers compensation? What's that? 
An artist and former newspaper printer, Doug Brinkman enjoys the autumn of his life helping others share thier voices freely through free news sharing. 
He helps himself by tapping into and exploring his own creativity freely.  Doug's drawings, oils and acrylics are now available for sale and commission. 
Untitled - What began on Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park last spring was completed today in Sir Winston Churchill Square. Unlike the first 30 paintings I've completed all under $300, this painting will go on sale once it dries and a few more touch ups are added no less than $500 unframed.
Untitled - What began on Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park May long weekend 2014 was completed April 10, 2015 inside Sir Winston Churchill Square in downtown Edmonton during the lunch hour. In this YouTube Doug shares the early hours of his painting adventure, hiking to the lake's location from where this painting was first inspired.  YouTube: The Painter - Doug Brinkman painting by Lake Maligne May 2014
It's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years! ~Abe Lincoln~
Original Drawings, Acrylic and Oil Paintings 
For Sale or by Commission - Link
Those who follow are always behind. - A. Y. Jackson
Video Pop Dazzled by 
the Everyday - Playlist
Alberta : Land is of matter, not of blood 
1980 Oil on canvas, Political- Not For Sale
August 1924, 90 years after Harris and Jackson
16 x 20 Acrylic on canvas - For Sale $500 - Video
Lone Wolf - Pencil sketch drawing 
Gift to my brother the late James Howard Brinkman 
and his family

Two Girls on a Rock
Gift to Janet Blonde from the artist 
signed by National Party of Canada Mel Hurtig
Oil on Canvas 36 x 42

The Union Boss - Oil on Canvas
Commissioned by the former printers union G.C.I.U. 255C
Water, I Have an Obligation To My Children
(Woman Holding a Star-bucks Coffee Cup)
Treaty 6,7 & 8 & Idle No More - YouTube
Pencil sketch drawing  for Sale - $500
1983 acrylic painting "The Woman has her back to the Window" inspired from a photo I took in Northern England
Gift to Marilyn and Jerry Valkenburg 
Haunted House on the Hill
1980 acrylic painting - Not For Sale
Bruce Cockburn by Lake Louise, 2000 
Oil on Canvas, repainted 2014 In protest to the 9/11 Retribution in Afghanistan - Afghanistan, We Forget Your Children YouTube
Two Sisters, The Millcreek Ravine Project 
2 - 16 x 20 Acrylic on Canvas - Gift and Sold
YouTube:  The painting of the "Two Sisters, The Millcreek Ravine Project" 2014
The Big Tree by the Legislature - 2014
16 x 20 " Acrylic on Canvas for Sale - $250
YouTube: The painting of The Big Tree by the Legislature
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Photo : Art lovers taking photos On-Location Jasper National Park Summer 2014
YouTube : Larry's Bay Maligne Lake, Jasper Painting August 2014 
Photo : April 2015 Finishing off some unfinished art work inside Churchill Square
YouTube : Water, We Have A Responsibility to our Children
Over 3000 Views - Word Up! Edmonton Speaker's Corner with the ever so talented Ryjin Vander Hoek... April 13, 2015 Re-Edited YouTube: Word Up! Edmonton Speaker's Corner with Ryjin Vander Hoek

YouTube Comments "I love Ryjin. I met him on a bus in 2006 and then remet him when he was introduced to me as my now husbands best friend. He is a sweet person and he is one of the most clever most talented people I have ever met. And no I have never seen him naked. That would be weird" - Alyssa Woodman

"Man, it was painful to sit through that. More holes in your POV than a block of Swiss cheese." 
A Voice for Men, publisher Paul Elam

 "He's also stunningly dishonest. Not that matters to the feminist or pro-feminist community. 
Actually, strike that, it's a pre-requisite." - Men's Rights Edmonton

"Doug you're brilliant. Thanks for building something coherent out of all the vent-up pressure bursting off." - Billy Shakes
Publisher's Creative Corner
The dark and light colours represent balance. It is a very high honour to receive an eagle feather, and usually marks a milestone. When one holds the eagle feather, one must speak the truth in a positive way, showing respect at all times.
Spring and Summer Newsletter and Working Paintings Shared During Civil Information Actions
Editorial, Photo and Cartoon
By Doug Brinkman

April 15, 2015: My creative juices are somewhere in a dark place this morning after reading today's polls "Justin Trudeau's Liberals lose lead to Tories while Tom Mulcair's NDP pull ahead." I'm taking dead aim today at Canada's bully corporate ( Mostly Conservative) news media this morning who are NOT PLAYING FAIR by mis-leading Canadians with thier photos leading up to the next federal election - I'm disgusted how for weeks News photos are being doctored to make Harper look like a winner while showing Mulcair, Trudeau and May looking less flattering...

This editorial cartoon includes photos from my personal archives I took of Trudeau while he visited Edmonton last year. Although this cartoon is copyright it can be shared FREELY without cost to anyone so long as my name is credited for it. Please share!  Back Page Cartoon Gallery
Art that raises Awareness: Art that's originally inspired during rallies, march's and protest's in Alberta, these paintings "Water, We Have A Responsibility To Our Children" and "The Poet & the Judge We First Nations Métis and Inuit" become as working art - In other words, art that's not meant for sale but public display to raise awareness to the social causes they're connected with. Over time these working paintings will be retired and sold. They may also be used to raise funds for the cause they were connected to or they may be given away as gifts to a person or organization that was connected to the respective cause. 
"The Poet & the Judge We First Nations Métis and Inuit" 
April 16, 2015 Painting was featured on Global TV News Hour - Link
"Water, We Have A Responsibility To Our Children"
YouTube: Protest at the Alberta Legislature with same title.
Sneak Preview YouTube Link "Afghan Boys Gathering Fire Wood" Doug will complete his next working painting that began painting in 2001
The focus of this painting will spot-light the civilian death in Afghanistan caused by NATO allied troops during the War of 9/11 Retribution.
" Afghan Boys Gathering Fire Wood