Painted On Location
Painted On Location
Painted On Location
Painted On Location
1924 Maligne Lake - 2014
Acrylic, unframed 16 x 20 inch 
For Sale/Inquire 780.424.1538
Irene Parby Park - 2015, Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch 
For Sale/Inquire 780.424.1538
Jasper's Train Yard - Spring 2015, Acrylic unframed16 x 20 inch. For Sale/Inquire 780.424.1538
Big Tree inside Legislature Grounds - 2014, unframed Acrylic 16 x 20 inch. For Sale/Inquire 780.424.1538
Painted On Location
Painted On Location
Painted On Location
Painted On Location
Painted On Location
Edmonton River Valley Sidewalk - 2014 Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch. For Sale/Inquire 780.424.1538
Louise McKinney Riverfront Park -2014, Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch. For Sale/Inquire 780.424.1538
Maligne Lake early spring - 2014
Oil, unframed 16 x 20 inch
For Sale/Inquire 780.424.1538
Larry's Bay Maligne Lake -2014 
Oil unframed 16 x 20 inch
For Sale/Inquire 780.424.1538
Edmonton River Valley Trail - 2014, Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch. For Sale/Inquire 780.424.1538
Millcreek Ravine - 2013, Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch. For Sale/Inquire 780.424.1538
1924 Maligne Lake (2014): It was in 1924 when members of Canada’s Group of Seven expanded their artistic subject matter to include Western Canada. That year, Lawren S. Harris, a founder and key spokesperson for the Group, and fellow Group member A.Y. Jackson traveled to Jasper National Park.​ 90 years later, in the early spring of 2014, I spent my evenings sketch studying Lawren Harris and A.Y.Jackson inside the Art Gallery of Alberta, where thier works were on display. Later that year, in the spring and fall,  I set out with my backpack, canvas and paints to paint in the same area of Maligne Lake as they did 90 years earlier. 1924 Maligne Lake YouTube
I'm now available for commissioned Art Work: labour rates $30 an hour plus materials. Includes travel and accommodation costs.  
Valleyview Alberta -  Fall 2015, Acrylic unframed 
16 x 20 inch.  For Sale/Inquire 780.424.1538

South Shore, Nellie McClung Park- 2014, Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch. For Sale/Inquire 780.424.1538
Painted On Location
Painted On Location
A Painting of Joe by the River Valley-2015,Acrylic unframed 16x20 inch. For Sale/Inquire 780.424.1538
Painting on location
Painted On Location
Painted On Location
Painted On Location
Trudeau Portrait- 2015,Acrylic  unframed 16x20 inch. For Sale/Inquire 780.424.1538

"I adore the Rockey Mountains and this painting connected to my heart. 
It inspires me and brings me peace when I connect to it. 
Blessings, Charmaine "
 Painting Edmonton's River Valley 
Kate Hatch comments on Trudeau Portrait- 2015:
"Great job Doug, your talent shines no matter what you do. I love how you choose nice soft colour, and captured the intensity in his face. I think that says it all about Justin Trudeau. Way to go! "

Paul S. Graham comments on 1924 Maligne Lake - 2014 
"Thanks, Doug. You've lifted me out of my work focused daze and promise to propel me into shooting landscapes. Truly inspiring!"
The primary goal of my 2016 Fire and Rain art project is to maintain freedom of expression by showing my art outdoors in the streets and public squares of Edmonton. As an artist with a paintbrush and as a 9-year news activist with a camera, I’ve combined the two elements in the hope of inspiring people to express their ideas and share their stories about how the wildfires of Alberta have affected the environment, people and our communities. None of the paintings from my 2016 Fire and Rain art project will be for sale. After my outdoor exhibitions are completed, my paintings will either be donated to help raise funds for charities, given away as gifts or painted over for future paint projects. I hope you enjoy my art and the YouTube videos I’ve published, now posted here in the back of this website.  
Doug Brinkman​
The 2016 "Fire and Rain" Art Project
Doug Brinkman Artist, Active Citizen - Age 61
As a kid, I first expressed my creativity on my parents' basement walls and inside the blank pages of my grandfather's leather-bound encyclopaedia collection. My parents put a stop to that and began to supply me with a steady stream of paper and pencils with which to draw. In high school I took courses in commercial art and printing, and learned how to develop photos and produce short video features. As editor of the high school newspaper, Out to Lunch, I handed out copies of the paper during lunch hours for 5 cents a copy. I’ve always been inspired by Canada's Group of Seven. In my teens and early twenties, I would spend many Saturdays inside the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, studying the art.

My Irish grandfather told me, "Edmonton is a great city." He approved of my decision to move west from Ontario with everything I owned loaded into the back of my Ford pickup. I came to Edmonton in 1980 to continue a career as a newspaper printer, first for the Edmonton Sun and finally with the Edmonton Journal. I also became involved with community theatre, painting sets and volunteering as public relations director for Walterdale Playhouse Theatre. In 2007 I began producing YouTube news stories as a civil information activist, now known as Citizen Free News or Citizen Free News Sharing. I produce Citizen Free News as a part of my social entrepreneurship commitment to my community, Edmonton, as an artist.. Along life’s journey I became a father of 4 and a grandfather of 1. Early in life I got my pilot’s licence, and in my 40s completed the 
West Coast Trail 3 times. 
42 Years Graphic arts craftsman, newspaper printer.  YouTube
Citizen Free News / Inquiries
Office Hours 9-11 AM Monday and Tuesday 
Phone 780.424.1538

Hiking The West Coast Trail 1996
2015 was my first year working full time as a painter. I sold 4 paintings, donated 1 to help raise funds for the United Way, and gave 4 paintings as gifts to family members. 
Painted On Location
Paintings freely shown outdoors inspire and share stories
On Thursday, February 18, 2016, I received this email with the attachments of a Certificate of Appreciation and letter of thanks from the Alberta Treasury Board and Finance United Way auction coordinator. I met the coordinator last summer during one of my outdoor art shows and painting demonstrations on the Alberta Legislature Grounds. She asked if I would consider donating a piece of art to help raise funds for the United Way auction. I was thrilled and wanted to be a part of this worthy cause so I gave this painting, Water, we have an obligation to our children. This painting focuses on humanities and the environment and was inspired by one of many protest rallies on the steps of the Alberta Legislature that I covered as a citizen news activist. This painting during 2015 helped raise awareness during public outdoor art shows about our responsibility as humans to look after our environment for future generations. 
Freedom of Expression Art  Water, we have an obligation to our children
Freedom of Expression Art
Freedom of Expression Art - Food Truck Permit Required 
The City of Edmonton now requires artists to first obtain a food truck vendor’s permit and provide proof of liability insurance before showing art in public areas of Edmonton, even if it's just for show and tell. Street Vending Team Current Planning, City of Edmonton 5th floor, HSBC Building, 10250 - 101 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 3P4
Three Trees Legislature Grounds - 2016,  Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch. For Sale/Inquire 780.424.1538

ART Back Page Sketch Studies
In 2015 my oil painting originally titled The Poet & Judge, We First Nations, Métis and Inuit was inspired by a YouTube I published as a Citizen News Activist at a rally and march to the Alberta Legislature after the closing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission / Alberta National Event on March 30, 2014. After it was painted, I began to show it outdoors in public places from March 30, 2015 until March 30, 2016. This painting was re-titled Truth speaks volumes has been seen and its story told to thousands on the streets of Edmonton. Thanks to Elizabeth Potskin a.k.a.Tipiskâw Pîsim for her strength and inspirational poem
Truth speaks volumes  - 2015, Oil, unframed 22x28  inch.
Not For Sale
Over 120 Free Outdoor Art Show and Tell and Pickets in 2015 around Edmonton
"I think it's more important to show your work to the public" -Ai Weiwei  
Citzen Free News
Wapiti Gallery 
Free Speech - Make Noise, Back Page
Painted On Location
9 Afghan Boys Gathering Firewood  - 2001, 2013, 2015
Oil & Acrylic, unframed 36x30  inch - More Information
Not For Sale
January 2002:  I Love NY on snow 120 yard Kingsman football field. Doug and his partner Sarah spent an 
afternoon cutting paths through snow to create this message to our friends and family south of the border.
Honorary lifetime member of UNIFOR
B.C./Alberta (Media) Local 780G
Active Citzenship - Free News Sharing 
Sketch Studies 
Draw Lots of Pictures and Kill only Time
Back Page
Wapiti Gallery
on Free Speech in
A Noisy City...

Back Page
The 2016 Fire and Rain
Art Project​ - Canvas
and Camera Focus on Wildfires in Alberta...

Study of Edmonton-based artist 
Brenda Draney

Freedom of Expression Art BAN LIFTED - I'm allowed back on the Alberta Legislature Grounds 
"I think there is a responsibility for any artist to protect freedom of expression." - Ai Weiwei. 
Edmonton is a Noisy City, Visual/Sound/Art Presentation by Doug Brinkman titled "Make Noise - Free Speech" This art project was used to defend free speech. LINK
Sketching causes me to look at things more closely. It hones my creative skills, calms me and frees up my imagination. Here are some of my recent studies. LINK
Established March 2007 as Civil Information Activism, Citizen Free News is a free press that gives other citizens an opportunity to freely express on YouTube. LINK
Mountain above Maligne Lake, Solstice #1 - 2015,
Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch. 
For Sale/Inquire 780.424.1538
Mountain above Maligne Lake, Solstice #2 - 2015,
Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch.
For Sale/Inquire 780.424.1538
Mountain above Maligne Lake, Solstice #3 - 2015,
Acrylic unframed 16 x 20 inch. 
For Sale/Inquire 780.424.1538
House by 95 105 St NW Edmonton - 2015 Acrylic unframed 9x12 inch. Not for sale
Winter - February 2016
Oil, unframed 9 x 12 inch. 
For Sale/Inquire 780.424.1538

February 2016 Tom's Autumn, Acrylic  unframed 9x12  inch. Inspired from an AGA Sketch Study. For Sale/Inquire 780.424.1538

2015 Prarie Urban Scene, 
Acrylic  unframed 9x12 inch.  
Inspired from an AGA Sketch Study. For Sale/Inquire 780.424.1538
Original Paintings By Doug Brinkman 

Citizen Free News on
Over 1/2 Million Views, Serving Edmonton Since March 2007
Hiking The River Valley 2016
All videos and photos are free to share so long as my name Doug Brinkman is given credit. Citizen Free News, also known as Civil Information Activism, is a not-for-profit, free news-sharing service that is a part of my social entrepreneurship commitment to my community as an artist. Send corrections and all inquires to Doug Brinkman at 780.424.1538 or by e-mail to  - YouTube Channel Continued...

Recent News: Show us the victims-Toronto Police Raid Cannabis Dispensaries 
and FSJ for LNG - LNG = Jobs in FSJ - Alberta Legislature - LINK
Doug Brinkman
Artist, Active Citizen
The New Walterdale Bridge - April 30, 2016 Acrylic, unframed 16 x 20 inch. For Sale/Inquire 780.424.1538
Painting the Alberta Rocky Mountains 
Some paintings from art projects like this are donated to charity while others are given away as gifts by the artist or re-painted over. Contact Doug for Donation Requests
In a decaying society, art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay. And unless it wants to break faith with its social function, art must show the world as changeable. 
And help to change it. 
Ernst Fischer
Third Fire and Rain, March 2016
First Fire and Rain Painting , February 2016

Second Fire and Rain, March 2016
Fort McMurray Fire - The Beast, May 3, 2016
Fort McMurray Surreal, May 5, 2016 
Canvas and Camera Focus on 
Alberta Wildfires
The 2016 Fire and Rain Art Project, Videos
 Escape from Fort McMurray, May 25, 2016
(left) Prospect Point and Two Crows 16"x20 Acrylic completed on the Alberta Legislature grounds April 20, 2016. Designated as my signature painting. YouTube Playlist: The 2016 Fire and Rain Art Project
Wednesday Evening Sketch Studies, 7:30 - 9 PM, Inside the Art Gallery of Alberta. 
Current Studies 7: Professional Native Indian Artists Inc and The Group of Seven. 

It's up to us to listen - Promoting Respect and Non Violence
 The 2016 Fire and Rain Art Project, The Collection
First 5 months
January to May... 27 outdoor Art Shows
$150 Raised Fundrazr Back Page
The cost to putting this 2016 Fire and Rain art project together is primarily paid for by the artist. Paintings are not for sale but will be donated, given as gifts or painted over for future art projects. Funds raised towards this project will help pay for travel and accommodation costs to locations affected by wildfires. It will also help me pay for artist material and promotional costs. Your help funding this project is greatly appreciated. Doug Brinkman 
2015 Wildfire Jasper, Maligne Valley Evacuation 
May 21, 2016 Jasper National park: Filmed by Excelsior Creek from the north end of Medicine Lake and on a boat cruise to Spirit Island on Maligne lake. Last year's wildfire burned 966 hectares causing 1,000 tourists, hikers and campers to be evacuated from Maligne Valley. Tour guide Malory shares her experiences from the 2015 evacuation from Maligne lake. YouTube Back Page
"After the fire the forest floor was uncovered and the rocks were exposed. With-in days the grass began to grow."  
May 20, 2016 Woman, Jasper Park Information Centre 
Study of Jackson Beardy, 1978 Spirit Being
Study of Lawren Harris,  1930, Isolation Peak
 Free the little man/ART
I Have a White Rose to Tend
I have a white rose to tend
In July as in January;
I give it to the true friend
Who offers his frank hand to me.
And for the cruel one whose blows
Break the heart by which I live,
Thistle nor thorn do I give:
For him, too, I have a white rose.

Cultivo una rosa blanca,
En julio como en enero,
Para el amigo sincero
Que me da su mano franca.
Y para el cruel que me arranca
El corazón con que vivo,
Cardo ni oruga cultivo:
Cultivo la rosa blanca.

José Julián Martí Pérez (January 28, 1853 – May 19, 1895) is a Cuban national hero and an important figure in Latin American literature.
Art Project, Funding
The 2016 Fire and Rain Art Project