Syrian Refugee, Flowering Bush YouTube
Leg. ground study - Gift to elder Wilson Bearhead
🍁150 -Flower Study: Gift to Soma Khan 
 Do bears shit in the woods?  YouTube

Magie sur toile  YouTube Artist's Private Collection
Trouble Maker  YouTube Artist's Private Collection
Allen' Ginsberg's Sunflower sutra  YouTube
Gift to Kevin Cafe Lavi🌻 Flower Power YouTube
Painting during the eclipse  YouTube
Flower bed Alberta Legislature
🍁 'O Canada'  150 True North Strong and Free YouTube
Gift to Rick Fraser, 🌻Non-Violence 
Gift to Leela Aheer , Israel #bridgingthegap Palestine YouTube
All Lives 🌻 Nonviolence (now re-painted over) ​ YouTube
2017 Canada🍁150 art Collection
Freely expressing art on the Alberta Legislature grounds
From March 30, 2015 to May, 2017 the painting titled 'Listen' was freely shown with it's story shared in public. The painting was used to defend free speech by those who use bull-horns, loud speakers and shouting to express free speech. It was used to defend my own right to freely express art in public after I was banned and threatened by City and Provincial officials.  The painting was retired and given as a gift to the poet. Defending free expression continues and I will continue expressing art in public freely.
I love taking my canvases and cameras back to where I first practiced painting from 2013-2015. After I was laid off from my job September 2013 after 42 years working as a newspaper pressman I decided I wanted to paint full time again after a 13 year dry spell of not painting at all. I set up my easel along the river bank trails of the North Saskatchewan River. Then I started taking day trips out to the mountains inside Jasper to hike and paint. My first completed art project focused on the Group of Seven's Lawren Harris and A.Y. Jackson painting expedition to Jasper National Park summer of 1924, the same year the Art Gallery of Alberta opened it's doors to the public. I spent months preparing myself for this project by sketch studying the artist's works inside the art gallery.
Remembering the joy we experienced from those holidays we would take each year to Jasper. Special moments of time we connected with our surroundings, the solitude filled with countless truths that comes from the stillness and silence of the majestic mountains that surround Maligne Lake. 
Professional Native Indian Artists Incorporated artists Jackson Beardy, Eddy Cobiness, Norval Morrisseau, Daphne Odjig and Carl Ray. Abstract artist Jack Bush . Sketches created freehand inside the Art Gallery of Alberta and later using Corel Draw.
"Standing together as individuals, they tried to tear us apart. So they could 
isolate us individually .... But we stuck together" - Alex Janvier
"We as artists must be careful not to fall prey to another form of colonization, for we are one of the most 
powerful voices of our people.... We must make our own work on our own terms" - Joseph Sanchez
"Your best work, when you do it, will always upset the general public – 
they're always a few years behind you." - Jack Bush
Sketch Studies
Honing  my creative skills while building my confidence and understanding. 
Since 2007 my citizen free news sharing (Civil Information Activism) is shared with people by word of mouth and with social art during art shows and news pickets. Citizen free news stories are placed on city provided kiosks with posters and newsletter leaflets throughout the city. Social media blogs, twitter and YouTubes are used to reach audiences across Canada and around the world. I've published over a thousand YouTubes on my YouTube channel, seen by over 1/2 million viewers across Canada and worldwide with over a million minutes watched. Not for profit but all paid for out of my own pocket. I do this to news service my community without the burden of advertisers and editorial control over my artistic and news sharing freedoms. 
Art Projects & Civil Information actions
Ripples on moon lit waters, stars their dim lit shine.
Wind sails softly over a moment, this space in time