Doug Brinkman, social artist, activist, Indian Group of Seven, Group of Seven, 9/11 Truth, War of Retribution, Afghanistan, Omar Khadr, Civil Information Activism Edmonton Citizen Free News Sharing and Social Artistry
Doug Brinkman: I started expressing my creative self as a kid with a box of crayons on my parents' basement walls and inside the pages of my grandfather's leather-bound encyclopedia collection. So my parents began to supply me with a steady stream of paper and pencils with which to draw and expand my creativity. In secondary school I studied commercial art and printing, and took extra courses to learn photography and produce short video features. In my twenties I learned to fly, earning a private pilot's licence, and moved to Edmonton from Toronto. In my 40s I hiked the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island 3 times and once to the Rose Spit on Haida Gwaii Island. Living in Edmonton I continued a career as a graphic arts craftsman operating mostly Goss high speed web offset newspaper printing presses, first for the Edmonton and Toronto Suns and finally with the Edmonton Journal (Video). I volunteered with Edmonton Community Theatre, painting sets and doing public relations. 
"Art must take to the road and risk all for the glory of adventure." - Lawren Harris
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2014 1924 art project 
In 1924, Lawren Harris and A.Y. Jackson went into Jasper’s wilderness, to document and paint its beauty. That same year marked the opening of the Art Gallery of Alberta. The gallery showcased exhibits that followed those artists’ journeys. I spent months there sketch studying thier works. In the of summer of 2014, I travelled to Jasper's wilderness, to paint its beauty the way they had done 90 years agoYouTube: 1924

Civil Information Activism
Respect for People, Property and the Rule of Law
Syrian Refugee, Flowering Bush YouTube
Leg. ground study - Gift to elder Wilson Bearhead
🍁150 -Flower Study: Gift to Soma Khan 
 Do bears shit in the woods?  YouTube

Magie sur toile  YouTube Artist's Private Collection
Trouble Maker  YouTube Artist's Private Collection
Allen' Ginsberg's Sunflower sutra  YouTube
Gift to Kevin Cafe Lavi🌻 Flower Power YouTube
Painting during the eclipse  YouTube
Flower bed Alberta Legislature
🍁 'O Canada'  150 True North Strong and Free YouTube
Gift to Rick Fraser, 🌻Non-Violence 
Gift to Leela Aheer , Israel #bridgingthegap Palestine YouTube
All Lives 🌻 Nonviolence (now re-painted over) ​ YouTube
2017 Canada🍁150
Freely expressing myself with art on the Alberta Legislature grounds
Last of the Alberta Caribou - Status Versus Motion art project
 Maligne Canyon - Jasper National Park YouTube
 Maligne Lake 2018- Jasper National Park 
Flowers of Freedom, (gift) Outdoor winter painting YouTube
The Painter 
Doug Brinkman, September 1994

Swirl N' Splash as paint meets up with canvas, and inspiration fills my head of images that mirror my soul

Colour spreading danger, a new creation is born 
can you see the holy fragments of a coming celestial storm
'windy, under a tree'  YouTube
Loretta's ​ Maze
Athabasca Falls 2018- Jasper National Park 
March 30, 2014: I recorded and published a YouTube titled 'Mom got her voice.' It begins with the Honorable Murray Sinclair, chair of the TRC encouraging a crowd that gathered outside the Shaw conference center to listen to Elizabeth Potskin recite her poem. 'Mom got her voice' was suggested by another woman I marched along with down Jasper avenue who said her mother if alive today would have been pleased with the TRC. We marched to the Alberta Legislature. One year later, March 30, 2015, I completed an oil painting titled The Poet & the Judge, We First Nations, Métis and Inuit and took out to the streets of Edmonton as my first outdoor art show. I started at the Shaw Conference center, continuing along Jasper Avenue, ending at the Alberta Legislature. Along my route I was chased away by security personal in front of the offices of the Edmonton Journal and later City TV. In a city where buskers are free to play music and street preachers preach sermons, businesses along Jasper avenue were not about to allow me to show my painting on city sidewalks in front of thier businesses.  I told the City TV security guard to call the police EPS and have me arrested for freely expressing myself with art in public. Common sense kicks in when they realize that art is not a crime. 
2015 LISTENart project, The Poet & the Judge, We First Nations, Métis and Inuit 
Mom got her voice 
March 30, 2014 Citizen Free News YouTube
'The Truth will set you free but at first it will piss you off' - Murray Sinclair
March 30, 2014  TRC Chair Murray Sinclair looks back and reflects Mar. 31, 2018 YouTube

Sketch Studies, Poetry, Early Activism - Continued...
Shame the man - Totem
"The Man" is a slang phrase that refers to the government or to some other authority in a position of power. The bear head on the top of a totem has several meanings including strength and confidence, standing against adversity; taking action and leadership. The spirit of the bear is a strong source of support in times of difficulty. It provides courage and a stable foundation to face challenges. Totem poles can be used for public ridicule and are usually called shame poles. Created to embarrass individuals or groups when they did something wrong. My paining 'Shame the man' is directed towards those representing Governments who tried to stop me from freely expressing art in public in 2016 during my painting and presentation of my Fire and Rain art project on Alberta wildfires.
August Heritage Day Weekend 2 day art project, View from the new Walterdale bridge - YouTube
'Maple Leaves, 4 Seasons'  Canada Day painting on the Alberta Legislature grounds. Includes the Premier's Canada Day Speech. YouTube
She smiles after all that...  
2017 Not a Bystander art project​
VIMY - Not A Bystander 
The 2016 Fire and Rain art project
Anger, Violence and Bullying
Artist bLog
August 26, 2015: Alberta air quality worse than Beijing and New Delhi Globe and Mail
Activated April 2017
"Art is made for people to react. Having a position means what you are doing is needed and it is creating change. 
In the long term a lot of people are going to appreciate it." -Venezuelan woman, Alberta Legislature art show.
"Mother Earth is ready to cleanse. The natural shape is a circle, our cells are a circle, stars are a circle, the sun, the 
moon, the earth. The mothers womb is a circle. I don't believe we should be living in these squares." - Chief No Tribe
Artist bLog
Photo gallery
Non Violence Jersey was added to this art project as a third installment after the Oilers hockey team eliminated the San Hose Sharks during playoff season. Reports by local news media surfaced of a boy being bullied at the game and a woman being punched in the face after a game. Both were wearing San Jose jerseys. These acts of fan violence may have jinxed the home team's winning abilities in a City once known as Champions.
Non (Fan) Violence Jersey 
Upcoming Art Project 2019
From March 30, 2015 to May, 2017 this painting titled 'Listen' was freely shown with it's story shared to the public. The painting was used to defend free speech by those who use bull-horns, loud speakers and shouting to express free speech. It was used to defend my own right to freely express art in public after I was banned and threatened by City and Provincial officials.  The painting was retired and given as a gift to the poet. Defending free expression continues...
2019 Turning back the clock art project #Part 2 
Next year I'll be taking my canvases and cameras back to where I practiced painting from 2013-2015. After I was laid off from my job September 2013 after 42 years working as a newspaper pressman I decided I wanted to paint full time again after a 13 year dry spell of not painting at all. I set up my easel along the river bank trails of the North Saskatchewan River. Then I started taking day trips out to the mountains inside Jasper to hike and paint. My first completed art project focused on the Group of Seven's Lawren Harris and A.Y. Jackson painting expedition to Jasper National Park summer of 1924, the same year the Art Gallery of Alberta opened it's doors to the public. I spent months preparing myself for this project by sketch studying the artist's works inside the art gallery. I will continue expressing art in public freely.

Completed Art Projects
The 2016 Fire and Rain art project that focused my canvases and camera on wildfires of Alberta was banned 3 times on the Alberta Legislature grounds by officials, including the Legislative Assembly's Sergeant-of-Arms who said showing art on the grounds was inappropriate. I was later threatened with police action by a City of Edmonton employee on New Year's Eve for showing a painting from the Fire and Rain collection 'Escape from Fort McMurray.' I defended my right to freedom of expression with Civil Information Actions by being the media and employing respect for all people, property and the rule of law while picketing both the Government of Alberta and the City of Edmonton. After 42 days in total I won back my right and freedom to express myself with art in public. The City had apologized March 2017 while the 3 Alberta Legislature officials who verbally banned me in 2016 remain unapologetic. True Freedom of Expression remains challenged.  
2019 Turning back the clock art project #Part 1