Doug's sketch studies of the Professional Native Indian Artists Incorporated artists Jackson Beardy, Eddy Cobiness, Norval Morrisseau, Daphne Odjig and Carl Ray. Abstract artist Jack Bush . I sketch to hone my creative skills and build confidence.
"Standing together as individuals, they tried to tear us apart. So they could isolate us individually .... But we stuck together" - Alex Janvier
"We as artists must be careful not to fall prey to another form of colonization, for we are one of the most powerful voices of our people.... We must make our own work on our own terms" - Joseph Sanchez
"Your best work, when you do it, will always upset the general public – they're always a few years behind you." - Jack Bush
Indian Group of Seven
Artist Bio: I started expressing my creative self as a kid with a box of crayons on my parents' basement walls and inside the pages of my grandfather's leather-bound encyclopedia collection. So my parents began to supply me with a steady stream of paper and pencils with which to draw and expand my creativity. In secondary school I studied commercial art and printing, and took extra courses to learn photography and produce short video features. In my twenties I learned to fly, earning a private pilot's licence, and moved to Edmonton from Toronto. In my 40s I hiked the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island 3 times and once to the Rose Spit on Haida Gwaii Island. Living in Edmonton I continued a career as a graphic arts craftsman operating mostly Goss high speed web offset newspaper printing presses, first for the Edmonton and Toronto Suns and finally with the Edmonton Journal (Video). I volunteered with Edmonton Community Theatre, painting sets and doing public relations. I now paint full-time combining art with the news stories I publish on YouTube. I would consider Lawren Harris and Tom Thomson lifelong influences for me with my art and I have been also inspired by artists Jack Bush, Marc Chagall, Norval Morrisseau, Filmmaker David Lynch, Beat Poets William Burroughs and Byron Gisen. My combining activism with art was inspired by political artist/activist Ai Weiwei 艾未未 . My political activism is also inspired by the works of President Jimmy Carter, Ralph Nader, and Mel Hurtig.  My goal each day when I climb out of bed is to ask myself the question 'what can my God given gifts do today to help myself, my family and my community.  Doug Brinkman
The Honourable Linda Duncan receives a painted rose
The Honourable Oneil Carlier
receives a painted rose
The Honourable Jason Kenney receives
Water and Oil is Life - Non Violence

"I think it’s a responsibility for any artist to protect freedom of expression 
and to use any way to extend this power." Ai Weiwei 艾未未..

"We know who you are, you were not invited, you'll have to leave" 
December 31, 2016, Outside City Hall, City of Edmonton employee threatens police action for showing art...
I have a white rose to tend In July 
as in January; 

I give it to the true friend who offers 
his frank hand to me. 

And for the cruel one whose blows 
break the heart by which I live, 

thistle nor thorn do I give: For him, 
too, I have a white rose." 

José Julián Martí Pérez
"Art must take to the road and risk all for the glory of adventure." - Lawren Harris
"Those who follow are often left behind" - A.Y.Jackson
The Honourable Nicole Goehring
is promised Vimy - Not a Bystander
Paintings are not for sale, but are donated to charity, given away as gifts or painted over for future social art projects. 
I'm presently seeking part time work offering my unique skills of social artistry and news reporting. 

Doug Brinkman  
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Phone 780.424.1538

Honorary lifetime member of UNIFOR
B.C./Alberta (Media) Local 780G
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Get Up, Stand Up For Your Rights!
My art project The 2016 Fire and Rain was banned 3 times on the #AbLeg grounds
On January 23, 2016, I competed my first (1) wildfire practice painting next to the ice rink by Edmonton's City Hall. I would create 24 more paintings over the year for my art project that focused my canvases and camera on the wildfires of Alberta. During the month of February 2016, I was verbally banned by the facilities manager of the Alberta Legislature grounds over her concerns of liability, painting and showing art on the grounds. In response I picketed the Alberta Government, defending my right to freely express myself with art on the grounds. This resulted with a letter of written permission from the same facilities manager to paint and show my art. June 2016 the Sergeant-of-arms Brian Hodson came to meet with me during an art show and verbally banned me from continuing showing my art on the grounds claiming the Legislature grounds was inappropriate for showing art. When I told him I had a right to be there based on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, he said they don't apply on the Legislature grounds, only he does. In response I protested the Alberta Government a second time defending my right to freely express myself with art, lasting 2 days before I was able to resume with my art project after I was reminded by Shirriffs that I already had an agreement to paint and show art with the facilities manager. During one of my July outdoor art shows the Visitors services manager said I was no longer allowed to share leaflets about my project but only business cards. This prompted a 3rd picket that lasted a day after Shirriffs again reminded me that there were no rules in place against handing out leaflets on the grounds. Today the Alberta Legislature's Sergeant-of-arms Brian Hodson remains unapologetic, so I have taken steps asking the Honourable Robert E. Wanner, M.L.A to remove The Sergeant-of-arms from his post claiming he does not respect Albertans or Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 

I was threatened police action for showing a painting by the City of Edmonton
On New Year's eve during my 160th and final showing of a single painting 'Escape from Fort McMurray' I was approached by a City of Edmonton manager next to the same ice rink by City Hall where I had first began my art project. She said "We know who you are, you were not invited, you'll have to leave." When I refused she threatened me with police action. In response I started picketing the City of Edmonton January 3, 2017 for 36 days demanding the City of Edmonton put it writing the reasons why I could not freely express myself with art on City public property when it's guaranteed in our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. On March 10, 2017, I met with City officials and they apologized, allowing me to once again paint and show my art by City Hall. 

Painted On Location
From March 30, 2015 to May, 2017 this painting was shown freely with it's story shared in the public. The painting was used to defend a street preacher's right to free speech and used to defend myself to freely express art in public.  I gave 'The Poet & the Judge...' to Elizabeth Potskin, a true warrior who inspired me and many others with her poem, 'thank you Elizabeth for your courage and strength.' 
Free News Sharing - Social artistry YouTube
#1 First public art show 
March 30, 2015 Free News Sharing YouTube
How I told a news story by expressing it through art and sharing it freely with others
2015 The Poet & the Judge, We First Nations, Métis and Inuit art project
2014 'Mom got her voice today'
March 30, 2014 Free News Sharing YouTube
March 30, 2015: I did my first outdoor art show in the streets of Edmonton beginning in front of the downtown Shaw Conference where I was inspired to paint my first social art painting titled The Poet & the Judge, We First Nations, Métis and Inuit and ending my show on the Alberta Legislature grounds. After the closing of the Truth and Reconciliation Alberta National Event March 30, 2014, I published a YouTube 'Mom got her voice today' that featured Elizabeth Potskin reciting a poem with the Chair of the TRC Murray Sinclair standing behind her and encouraging the crowd outside the Shaw conference center to listen. 
🍁📢Art is Freedom Civil Information Actions
By Doug Brinkman
This is what freedom looked like January 2016, Next to City Hall by the Skating rink.
EDMONTON - Canada is fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan in "retribution" for the 9/11 attacks that killed at least 3,000 people, including 25 Canadians, Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor said yesterday.

YouTube Previews
The 2018 Coming Storm art project
By Doug Brinkman 'Motion vesus Status'
découpé Video-Cut-Ups
Cut-Ups From Wikipedia: The cut-up technique (or découpé in French) is an aleatory literary technique in which a text (but in this case video) is cut up and rearranged to create a new text (sound/visual). The concept can be traced to at least the Dadaists of the 1920s, but was popularized in the late 1950s and early 1960s by writer William S. Burroughs, and has since been used in a wide variety of contexts.
Information pickets they are conducted by respecting all people, property and the rule of law. Thousands of Edmontonians have seen me and my placard on the street corners and public squares of the city advertising like I was a walking billboard. Hundreds more would stop and ask "why are you picketing?" and I would share my story and  information leaflets. Posters are placed on City provided kiosks, inside book stores and cafe notice boards around town to help promote pickets. YouTube's are published covering information pickets so hundreds more viewers are reached. 
The 2018 Coming Storm art project
Motion v Status