ART IS FREEDOM - PICKET, Today a 30 year old First Nations woman wrote on my picket placard "Sovereignty is Freedom, Back away from the corporation of Canada and join Turtle Island." Dene Warrior Naneeya Bizness 20XX
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We are waking up to our history from a forced slumber. We are breathing it into our lungs so it will be part of us again. It will make us angry at first because we will see how much you stole from us  and for how long you watched us suffer.  We will see how you see us…​ Rebeka Tabobondung

The Back Streeters and the White Boys: Racism in rural Canada. Al Jazeera 
Make Noise - Free Speech 

2020 Freedom to Express and Listen art project by Doug Brinkman
Alberta Legislature '1913 Red man left for dead' sketch study